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As a pioneer in offering a wide range of book marketing services for authors, we know and understand that the one-size-fits-all solutions don’t really work for writers. That’s the reason we have curated the customized author website design services, meant especially for the writers and poets in India and all around the globe.

While creating websites for authors, we keep in mind what the readers and end users expect from the site, along with understanding the expectations of the author. The websites and blogs developed by the Burning Desire team are 100% responsive across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet), compatible across all the major web browsers, optimized for Google and other search engines, and attract the new visitors.

  • No Need to Pay for Web Hosting for 1st Year
  • Optimized for higher rankings on Google
  • Works great across all browsers
  • Mobile-friendly

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    Best Website Designers for Authors

    The Burning Desire team comprises professional website designers who have a solid approach on developing fully customized websites for authors, writers, and poets. Our website development services are the most economical in India, as we keep in mind the lack of high budget issues of the budding and emerging authors.

    Moreover, we are offering free web hosting for the first year (worth INR 4000/year) to all the budding writers. If you choose other website development companies, you will have to pay more for the design, plus the cost of web hosting and domain name. 

    We eliminate that part and charge you very low for the design, while giving your site the required space on our own server (the server on which our own site is hosted).

    • Plans starting from just INR 5,000

    Benefits of Author Website Design

    The author website will help you too sell more books, create an impactful presence on the digital world, get ahead of the competition, look a professional author, as well as to earn money online. 

    Build Your Brand

    Build a community of readers, represent yourself effectively, and build a brand of your name.

    Sell More Books

    With right website & SEO, you can attract new visitors on site, and sell more books.

    Fight Competition

    Thousands of new authors debut every day. Stand apart from them with a custom writer website.

    Impactful Online Presence

    Website helps you make impactful online presence, while other authors stay on just social media.

    Marketing & Promotion

    Website is the most effective way for marketing and promotions of your books, sessions, writeups, and work.

    Make Money

    Monetize your website for Google Ads, sponsored content, become affiliate, and make high passive income.

    Look Professional

    All the professional authors have their own website. They know the importance of author website design.

    Centralize Everything

    Have your books, bio, write-ups, quotes, awards, book reviews, articles, poems, and everything on a single place.

    Author website FEATURES WE PROVIDE

    Stunning Page Layouts

    We will design great layouts for all the webpages to attract the readers.

    Optimized for Google

    Website will be optimized for Google & other search engines for higher rankings.

    Blog Integration

    To publish new articles and write-ups, we will integrate the blog section.

    Latest Updates

    We will ensure that your author website design is always updated with new features & stronger security.


    To analyze the traffic on your website, specific posts, etc, we will set up Google Analytics. 

    Website Security Tools

    Essential plugins will be installed on your site to get rid of hacking attempts and unauthorized logins.


    The website designed by us will run great on mobile devices, as most users prefer mobiles today. 

    Multi-Browser Compatibility

    Your author website design will exhibit cross-browser compatibility, to run well on all the browsers.

    Freebies with our services

    Along with bringing the best website designers for authors, we offer a variety of free services. 

    For the first year, we will pay the web hosting charges for you. You only pay for the website design.

    We will review your recent book for free and publish the book review on our blog, Amazon, Goodreads, and Instagram

    Furthermore, we will interview you on our blog at no additional cost.

    Once the website is ready, we can schedule a live session with you on Instagram for the mega launch.

    Affordable Author Website Design Services

    We offer simply the most affordable author website design packages. While ensuring quality, we are very light for your pocket.


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    Why choose Burning Desire, Anyway?

    Burning Desire is a website entirely focused on the authors, whether you are an emerging writer, established author, or looking to earn money online with a blog.

    Our approach to author website design is completely different from the others. We understand the point of view of the authors and know what they are looking for. We create websites that rank higher on Google, so that you can make the benefit in a great manner from the website. 

    When you choose us for website development, we make you feel free from the headache of updates, maintenance, technical glitches, or any other issues. We do that for you. We host your website on a secure and high availability server, so that it doesn’t face any downtime. Furthermore, we will also provide you free consultation and suggestions on how you can do better on the internet. 

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    We offer a variety of book promotion services for authors and poets to showcase their work in front of thousands of interested readers. 

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