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    best book reviewer in india

    Give your book the buzz it deserves! Featured among the top book review blogs in India, Burning Desire site is an ideal destination for every writer to get his/her book reviewed. Founded by a writer and reader himself, we understand that it takes a lot of hard work, persistence, and creativity to write a book. If your hard work doesn’t reach the right readers, your aim remains unfulfilled which makes you feel incomplete.

    Get your book reviewed by one of the best book reviewers in India to influence thousands of readers in the country. We have a community of over 25K+ readers following us on this blog and across all social media platforms. Along with publishing the review of your book here, we also share it on Amazon, Goodreads, and Instagram for a higher and broder reach. We also roll out a monthly newsletter to our subscribers, which includes all the posts published during the month.

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    I'm really greatful for the interest you have shown in my book. Amazing book bloggers like you play a key role in the life of newbie authors like me. Thanks for such a great support! 🙂
    Alisha Nandeshwar
    Author of 'No more No Less'
    Happy reading! Hope you will enjoy reading the book. Would love to see the review on Amazon as well.
    Savi Sharma
    Author of 'Everyone has a story'

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