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Interviews are a great way for budding writers, poets, and authors to gain exposure among the readers all around the world. Every writer has their own story, struggles, and journey which remains unseen without the interview. Burning Desire blog is the right platform for you to highlight and bring the unseen and background story behind your book to a broad audience.

Our book blog features interviews of famous authors from India, US, and many other countries. Some of them are the best-selling authors and have written more than five books till date.

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    Burning Desire is setting new milestones for writers around the globe, by offering debut author interviews and exposure on blog & social media. Featured among the top book review sites in India, Burning Desire has an audience of over 25K+ readers and writers. Founded by Virendra Soni, a writer, reader, and blogger himself, we know exactly what the budding authors are looking for to market their books. We give you the buzz your work deserves. 

    Along with interviews with authors, we also offer a variety of book marketing services to help authors and poets become a brand. These services include author website development, book reviews (Amazon, Goodreads, Blog, and Instagram), book editing services, content writing, press release writing, book giveaways, as well as social media marketing for authors.

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    We offer a variety of book promotion services for authors and poets to showcase their work in front of thousands of interested readers. 

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