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Our book blog features interviews of famous authors from India, US, and many other countries. Some of them are the best-selling authors and have written more than five books till date.

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    Burning Desire is setting new milestones for writers around the globe, by offering debut author interviews and exposure on blog & social media. Featured among the top book review sites in India, Burning Desire has an audience of over 25K+ readers and writers. Founded by Virendra Soni, a writer, reader, and blogger himself, we know exactly what the budding authors are looking for to market their books. We give you the buzz your work deserves. 

    Along with interviews with authors, we also offer a variety of book marketing services to help authors and poets become a brand. These services include author website development, book reviews (Amazon, Goodreads, Blog, and Instagram), book editing services, content writing, press release writing, book giveaways, as well as social media marketing for authors.

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    What Authors are saying?

    "Burning Desire is a great platform not only for book reviews but also to support authors and writers globally. This is a fantastic blog to let you know more about the world of literature that is authors, readers, and books. This is such a burning platform to fulfill the author’s desire, that is called BURNING DESIRE."
    Sougand Akbarian
    Bestselling Author, TedX Speaker
    I'm really greatful for the interest you have shown in my book. Amazing book bloggers like you play a key role in the life of newbie authors like me. Thanks for such a great support! 🙂
    Alisha Nandeshwar
    Author of 'No more No Less'
    "Burning desire is indeed one of the best book review platforms. I really like the honest and professional manner in which Virendra conducts author interviews and provides insights about their books. He is a genuine person who believes in promoting authors and has created this wonderful platform that deserves all the praise and hits. Kudos!!"
    Gautam Mayekar
    Bestselling Author
    "To be heard is as tough as it is easy. With my very first interview being a debut author, I felt like I was being heard. Some very well put questions that explored a lot of layers pertaining to writing as well as personality. I explored the blog which I find very engaging. It shows a lot of variety and importantly cares in reviewing books and interviews, speaking from my personal experience. To conclude, there’s a blend of an author’s voice and the blogger/reviewer in a non-mechanical manner."
    what i lived for book diya vyas
    Diya Vyas
    Author of 'What I Loved For'
    "Diligent and forthcoming, the team at burningdesire.in pays attention to details and uses the best tools and trends. I had an engaging interview with the team. I love how they work."
    Rajesh Konsam
    Author of 'Bittersweet'
    "Burning Desire is one of the honest & genuine blogs I have come across when it comes to posting reviews and literary articles. Virendra always gives priority to quality over quantity. It is a pleasure and sense of great satisfaction working with him cos you come to know both your merits and demerits. Due to this, the artist can improve his/her work. There is a great deal of transparency in work, which makes it worthy of trust. I would definitely recommend this blog to all artists."
    Ayesha F Muskan
    Author of 'Divine Souls' & 'Messiah'

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    We offer a variety of book promotion services for authors and poets to showcase their work in front of thousands of interested readers. 

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