Advanced manuscript editing services in India

Have you just finished writing the manuscript for your book?

You might be having a great story to tell but if you are unable to communicate your thoughts and ideas well, your gold story will sound as good as silver. There might be certain sentences, paragraphs, or chapters that don’t make you feel happy. Regardless of giving your best, you are unable to fix everything on your own.

But don’t worry! We are here to help you out. With our manuscript editing services, you will get assistance from a professional proofreader and editor who will fix everything for you. We will turn your good story into a great book and let your gold story shine as bright as the gold. 

Our professional and experienced book editors will assist you, proofread and edit the manuscript, send it back to you for review, and won’t leave your side until you are satisfied and good to go for publishing.

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    Best Proofreading and editing services

    We offer the best proofreading and editing services in India at an affordable cost. Having over five years of experience in manuscript editing, proofreading, and copy editing, we know everything an author expects from us. 

    You might have spent months or years writing the manuscript for your book. We understand what it takes for a writer to pen down his feelings, thoughts, and finally complete an entire story. Manuscript proofreading and editing is an essential part of the book, as only fresh eyes can detect the often overlooked errors in Grammar or typos. There are certain words that we use again and again in every paragraph or chapter. 

    Our professional book editing services are meant to correct such errors, find and fix repetitive words, make your manuscript grammatically correct, and turn it into an interesting book to read.

    Features of our book editing services


    The glamour of the book will fall down without the right grammar. We make your manuscript glamorous.


    The use of right spellings and words on the basis of scenario is crucial. Incorrect words are really bad for your reputation.

    Sentence Structure

    We express your ideas and thoughts to the readers as you meant, by making the structure proper.

    Format Consistency

    Inconsistency is a common mistake made by authors. Avoid making your readers puzzled with a consistent format.

    Language Improvement

    We improve the language of your sentences and paragraphs for a better reading experience.


    The right use of punctuations is important to convey the right meaning of words. We do that for you.

    Hire Expert manuscript editor for your book

    To help you get the best book editing services for your manuscript, we have an expert proofreader and editor in place. Virendra Soni has around half a decade of experience in copywriting and editing.

    He has worked for leading media portals as an editor and writer. He has also worked for a Microsoft Partner in India and a Netherland-based online magazine for three years and strongly handled the editing, proofreading, and content writing part for the organizations.

    Trusted by business leaders and entrepreneurs, Virendra ensures that you get the best possible manuscript editing done for your book. 

    • Professional proofreader and editor
    • Reading addict
    • Great knowledge of fiction and non-fiction books
    • Trusted by leading organizations in India and globally
    • Efficient manuscript editor
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    Let’s convert your manuscript into a great book!

    Our book marketing Services

    We offer a variety of book promotion services for authors and poets to showcase their work in front of thousands of interested readers. 

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