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1. Girls Paradise- Buy on Amazon

Girls Paradise is an anthology by Arusha Books India. Dedicated to girls and women, the book includes several short stories and poems by different writers from India.

Virendra Soni has written a short story titled ‘Her World’ that features Riju as the main character. It is the story about the wedding of a girl who is not considered normal by society. For how long can Riju remain married? How does she manage herself after leaving her mother?Girls Paradise by Virendra Soni and Arusha Books India

2. Roses & Rhymes- Buy on Amazon

Roses & Rhymes is an international poetry published by Serene Publishers and Distributors. It is a fascinating compendium of melodies. The poems reveal records of intimate personal feelings and melange of emotions that unfolds varied facets of love.

Virendra contributed to the poetry with his poem titled “My heart sold me”. This is his maiden published poem and makes him feel proud about it.

Roses & Rhymes by Virendra Soni

3. Girls Paradise 2- Buy on Amazon

Girls Paradise is a sequel to Girls Paradise with the same theme- women empowerment. The book is contributed by five writers from India.

Virendra has written a romantic yet inspiring story about Khwahish. The story titled ‘A few more days than forever’ is one of his favorite works that he thoroughly enjoyed writing.

Girls Paradise 2 by Virendra Soni