“You should have done something in Journalism, rather than wasting time doing engineering.”

A lot of my friends often tell me this. (Luckily, my relatives can’t tell me this because they have no idea about what I’m doing. All they care about is my salary as compared to theirs).

The reason my friends tell me this is because they don’t see me as an engineer.

Well, the truth is even I don’t see myself as an engineer, neither do I see 90% of my friends as engineers. 😀

Over the last two years, I have not only seen myself struggling to become what I want to become, but also my friends who are doing random things to gain a comfortable zone in their lives.

I never asked any of my friends why they did engineering when all they want to do is prepare for random government exams that don’t demand engineering. IAS, RAS, SSC, banking, clerks, railways (non-tech), even peons. Which of these demands a B.Tech. in XYZ engineering?

I have also seen some of my friends appearing for governments exams that demand only 10+2. Why engineering then? Does anyone ask them why engineering?

No. Because they are preparing for government exams— which is far bigger than the goal of reaching the moon’s south polar region.

I understand that government jobs will provide them with all the comfort, luxury, respect, and money they need in life. But are these the only things that matter?

Here’s something –

I don’t really care if I don’t even have a degree. I think we all are much more than a mere degree.

You can be a singer without going to a music school. You can be a photographer without getting a degree in that. You can be a writer or poet without a degree in literature or journalism. You can be a survivor of the rat race without having to take part in it.

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