Author Kreeti Bansal is by far the youngest writer whom I have interviewed on my blog to date. She published her debut book last year at the age of just sixteen. Her book- Veronica and the Golden Door is being loved by teenagers and young people around the country. With her debut book, Kreeti Bansal aspires to transform the lives of teenagers and enlighten the readers.

Read on as author Kreeti Bansal talks about her debut novel, inspiration to write the book, her other passions in life, and much more.

1. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of yours and a quick overview of your debut book— Veronica and the Golden Door.

My name is Kreeti Bansal. I’m 17 years old. I’m studying psychology. I hail from Nabha, a small town in Punjab, India.

I’m the author of ‘Veronica and the Golden Door’ book. It is my debut book, which is a meld of fiction and non-fiction. The story is about a girl named Veronica. She is a teenager. Her life was painted with fog, but there comes a day when she enters an extraordinary world and finds a new art of living. The story is meant to fascinate and enlighten the reader.

Veronica and the Golden Door book by Kreeti Bansal

2. What was your inspiration behind writing the book at an age of just 16?

The inspiration behind this was my desire to enlighten the lives of teenagers. I also wanted to create a world in the pages of a book in which I could go and feel absolutely beautiful. When I could feel it, I thought of sharing this source of happiness with others too and I got it published.

3. What sort of reviews you are getting for your book?

Just one word – unexpected. When I started receiving the reviews, I was absolutely mesmerized. People were literally falling in love with it.  I’m quite grateful for it. 

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4. How much time did you take to finish the book? Did you follow a writing routine?

I didn’t follow any writing routine. I ended up completing the book in 6 months. There were days when I couldn’t stop my hand from writing and there were days I just kept on thinking and planning.

5. What were your reactions when the first copy of your book hit the market? Would love to know about your emotions at that moment.

When the first copy of ‘Veronica and the Golden Door’ book hit the market, I doubted if I was dreaming. I was excited about the sales and the response I was going to get. Somewhere in the depth of my heart, I was nervous too.

6. Please share with our readers some of your favorite lines from Veronica and the Golden Door novel.

Things always fall back in shape, but any wrong step taken during the hard times can cause big troubles. 

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7. Apart from writing, what are your other passions in life?

Apart from writing, I’m passionate about drawing and learning esoteric sciences.

sketch by author kreeti bansal

8. A quick-fire round:

Three favorite books of all time.


Canterville Ghost 

Making India Awesome 

What compliment do people give you the most?


Whose advice do you seek when in a dilemma?

My mother’s advice

What is that dream goal that you want to achieve before you die?

I wish to bring some truths in the world which could pave the path for the world. These truths must be the ones that nobody knows.

9. What’s next for Kreeti Bansal? Are you working on some new book?

Yes, I have a lot of plans. I’m working on a new book. 

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