A couple of years back, I along with my two friends in our summer break went to Rajkot, Gujarat to attend a company event. The center of attraction which pushed us there was a session of one of the best motivational speakers in India.

Usually, I watch such lectures on either YouTube or read some of the articles/books to motivate myself, but the live session made my eyes glitter. So, we traveled 215 Km (134 mi) to listen to this maestro for a lecture on professionalism, which we all wanted to learn.

It was an awesome experience; the lecture was electrifying. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I was excited to execute whatever I learned in that session.

The next day I started a ritual which was heavily highlighted in that session, to make a diary. I made my own diary in which I write all those things which I wanted to do in my routine and the efforts I made daily, to make those things possible. I was successful in writing that diary for 4 straight days and at the end of 7th day, forget about writing and following those things, I was unable to find my diary in my own room! Well, the majority of you might relate to this incident.

You might have watched some motivational videos after a breakup, troubles in studies, struggling in finding jobs or to lose/gain weight. We all have observed how we get back to becoming miserable after a few days of being radiant. We keep on watching and reading those stuff but again it is always short lived! Through this article, I promise to give you a permanent solution.

What went wrong?

To generalize things, we will pick one medium which is mostly used nowadays is YouTube for motivational videos. The self-help videos are one of the best categories of videos which are gaining most views and likes. Believe me, if you dig into those data they are flabbergasting! If people start working with such motivation which doesn’t blow away quickly, I can’t imagine the growth we would see. But certainly, that’s not happening.

So, what really goes wrong? Is it the person who shares his/her experiences with immense preparation or the person who is trying to get off from collapse by watching such videos?

Let’s go through a situation where you are going through a crumbling situation in your life, you are feeling dejected, failure and every weight on this world available is on your shoulder!;

  • Point 1: You are low on energy, lack of clarity and dejected. These are some common sensations before you approach anything to motivate yourself.

Now you choose something convenient to motivate yourself, I am taking the liberty of assuming it to be a video as discussed above. The video you might be watching will either start with high energy background music or will take off from low energy towards high along with time. The well-dressed high on energy and a fresh looking person will deliver the content. Now things to note are;

  • Point 2: High energy either in background music, the pitch of speaker, and even the colors inside the video. 

At the end of the video, the most common sensations will be;

  • Point 3: High energy, Upbeat aura, and strong body language! 

If you like, just have a look at all three points again, you will agree with all 3 points.

The conclusion from all these observations is we mostly being low on energy are clinging to high and strong energy performed on stage. What clearly happens is nothing but ‘transfer of momentum’ which is almost zero within us when we are in such phase!

What to do?

As you have now realized that by watching those fiery videos, live wire performances or loud motivational music, what happens in 90% of cases is just a ‘transfer of momentum’ and momentum is going to dry down sooner. Now coming on what to do? There are again 3 points to finish things off. Let’s begin;

Point 1: 

If you would read point 1 again, apart from energy, there is one more thing ‘lack of clarity’ which is the most important, still it goes totally unanswered most of the time! I am not pointing out anything against any motivational speaker, but at the end of the day what we take away is totally on us. Be adamant, no matter what happens you will go only for clarity, you don’t want just a momentum or a push which will not exist after some time. Clarity will reveal the purpose. No matter what problem you are going through, once you go for the clarity it will make you realize things and those things will always be permanent. Clarity discloses purpose and once you know the purpose, you need nothing to motivate you. The clarity in purpose will be enough to keep on fuelling the fire inside you.

Point 2: 

If you just want high and strong energies than no worries keep on doing such things. But if you want a permanent solution, clarity is the only thing you need to aim. Now how to do that? What we do is, we only watch those speakers who are tearing their lungs apart while speaking. We find some serene, steady speakers boring! If you really want clarity, don’t just watch those hyperactive speakers, also pay attention to other types of speakers. For example, Sadhguru, Gaur Gopal Das and Tom Bilyeu (My personal recommendations). These are just examples, in short, don’t ignore such speakers. They might not be energetic but their content is always awesome and up to the point.

Point 3:

If you want to avoid this energy trap 100%. Read books! Simple. Books are bound to give you clarity. There is no space for momentum.

That’s it guys, next time you do any such thing, always choose clarity over momentum. It is my personal experience. Go for it!


Guest Author: Shivam Joshi, Content City

Contact: shivam@contentcity.net

Thanks a lot, guys, to take some time out to read this article. I am thankful to Virendra Soni for giving Content City a chance to write for the Burning Desire. If you like my article I am sure you will like our other blogs too. We have over 9 categories of blogs, you can find us here.


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