27 best Arch Hades quotes about modern romance

modern romance quotes by arch hades

You’ll never see what’s in front of you,

If you keep looking back.

Arch Hades

This is one of my favourite love quotes by Arch Hades. Came across her profile on Instagram while looking for the words I could relate to. Arch Hades’ account had several such poems and quotes. And today I’m here, writing an article on the best Arch Hades quotes about modern romance.

A brief introduction of Arch Hades

She is the bestselling author of High Tide. Known for her contemporary and classical poetry and aphorisms about modern romance, Arch has been writing since the time she was only seven. She lives in London with a corgi named Byron.

instagram author arch hades quotes

Arch Hades’ book titled High Tide is a collection of poetry and postcards about love and loss.  

Modern romance poems and quotes by Arch Hades

Sharing my favourite poems and love quotes by Arch Hades here:

My past is for you

To understand me better

Not to punish me.


You know I’m not the jealous type

I don’t care who looks at you

So long as I have your attention

You’ll have all of mine too.


You’ll never see what’s in front of you

If you keep looking back.


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People rarely change

Mostly they become more of what they already are.


If they’re confused about you

They have nothing real to offer you.


Focus more on how they treat you

And less on how much you like them.


Don’t lower your standards

For the sake of not being alone.


The ones who can only impress

With their bodies, wallets, or dress

Means there’s nothing else they possess.


To see a person’s true colors, watch how they act

When they don’t get what they want.


No one owes you your happiness.


You’re not asking for too much

You’re asking the wrong person.


Sometimes you have to stop looking

For the best in people, and watch

What they show you instead.


If I could sum up dating advice in two lines:

If they care, they will make time

If they don’t, stop wasting yours.


Whole, broken or breaking,

My heart is always full of love.


If someone is making you feel lonely— unheard,

Unnoticed, misunderstood— you’re better off alone.


Will I chase these dreams so long,

That they’ll turn into my nightmares?


Love’s not the word I’m looking for

That word’s too ordinary

You deserve a word that’s more

A word that’s never arbitrary.


Your broken heart beats just like mine,

But mine beats just for you.


Avoid people who only listen

When you agree with them.


You can forgive someone,

But still remove them from your life,

Not everyone deserves your time.

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No one owes you unconditional

Acceptance of bad behaviour.


Fragile hearts, they often break

But heal with perseverance

And their pain, they soon forget

Fragile, yet resilient.


Everyone has

Loved someone

Lost someone

And can love again.


True love is not something that appears

Out of nowhere and effortlessly lasts forever.

You will have what you create together

and it will last as long as you both take care of it.


Sometimes I think I might miss you

Sometimes I doubt why I left

Then I remember the bad things

You did and how awful they felt.


Those who tell you ‘you’re too much’

Just aren’t enough to match you.


I wanted to believe in you so much

I started lying to myself.

Wrapping up:

I hope you loved reading these relationship quotes and poems by Arch Hades as much as I did.

If you know about more such poets on Instagram, let me know their usernames via the comments section below.

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