To all the lovable souls of the universe, hello, my name is Manikanta Badam. I’m a 19 years old student and author of the book “Time to Inspire.” I have a journey of my spirit that is worth sharing.

We do see some kids who get isolated from the rest of the world and behave weird. And that kind of people aren’t easily embraced by all.

Then, I was exactly that kind of guy. Situations made me to step into Chennai for my higher education. With lots of hopes just like lakhs of students who move to other cities, I did the same. But hardly I knew was I’m going to face the hardest phases of my life. No one can predict what happens next, neither we have a fast forward button nor preview in life.

When the depression hits hard

I was fine until a moment. And all of sudden like how life plays with us, it started cursing me. With no exact reason, depression started hitting me. I wondered why and what is happening with me. Nights, I used to wake up when the entire continent sleeps and I sometimes tried to find a reason for surviving, but I always ended up with suicidal thoughts.

depressed authors

Nobody knows the fact that I tried to kill myself with personal suffocation. Ironically, I couldn’t accept the fact with myself. I couldn’t share it with anyone, even for doing that, I used to feel so weird and suspect that “Is my pain worth sharing?” Because, I thought that no one would feel it the same as I did, at that hardest point of my life yet.

One day when the walls of my room were bored as no one is accompanying them, I was there, sitting alone, thinking of why I actually existed. The very next moment, I found a paper. But still, I didn’t have hope.

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Is my pain worth sharing?

I had nothing but loneliness in one hand and a paper in another. I wrote down all the pain that I was carrying for months. Gradually, I felt light and like some weight got put down. I read out that entire letter which is written to heal myself and was of great hope. While I was writing that letter, I didn’t know that I was writing hope. That’s when, the pain looked beautiful and somewhere within the words, I found hope.

And I started looking at my life from a different perspective from then. I found my pain very beautiful and exactly penned down the way I felt. “Okay, let’s survive,” I told to myself. Giving up wasn’t an option from then. I have to do something but had no idea what. It was the same SOMETHING for months together. I started writing down real stories of hope that I found inspiring across my journey to keep myself healing. I too had self-doubt. I was unable to kill it before getting started. But once I started doing what made me happy, I found it nowhere.

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Passion became my hope and strength

And the reason for my existence slowly became the purpose of living.

Once when I started doing what made me happy, people began to move me forward with great courage and hope. My family started sounding positive; indeed they’re always there for me. Many friends stood by my side to achieve the impossible.  Many strangers came to my life and turned out to be well-wishers.

story of hope and passion

I felt the process of healing within my soul. Scars of my soul started healing. I had loneliness during my depression phases too. But once when I started embracing it, I found that loneliness is like a womb for powerful thoughts.

Without a count, I penned down 25 stories of hope and courage. I was healed. I was strong.

And I couldn’t leave my love for writing within me. Some vibes whispered in my ears that those stories were worth sharing. Slowly, the book started getting its shape. Many people left my life during the worst phases of my life, except the few who loved me genuinely.

Stories of hope and courage

I felt that it is time to inspire millions during the hard times and thus I named my book ‘Time to Inspire.’

After publishing the book, as I was a low-middle-class student, I couldn’t market it. Still today, I haven’t undergone paid promotion. I wish to do. But, the book stood high, it’s just pure talent, a strong hope of a depressed child, an exploration of a purpose. Today, I found my purpose. We all have a purpose. We aren’t just souls struck within these bodies. We are much beyond than what we think. Come, let’s achieve the impossible.

Time to Inspire book by Manikanta Badam

Time to Inspire’ by author Manikanta Badam is available on all major e-commerce sites. It was ranked under bestseller chart multiple times. Manikanta Badam is an award-winning author and the youngest Asian to write a biography compilation.

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