Best western romance books– what are they? Those that evoke feelings, talk about violent passions and secret movements of the heart, about the relationship of a man and a woman. The heroines of these books decide on extraordinary acts for the sake of love, survive fateful meetings and amaze with their integrity of characters.

If you like to read best romance novels, don’t just walk past. You should definitely read this article, which is going to introduce you with the examples of the best love stories. They will make you feel all the depth of its characters` feelings, all the purity of their mutual love and dive into an ocean of passion.

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Best romance books list for teens and young readers

The modern world is so gloomy and dark but reading these novels will make you believe in your dream about pure delightful love. Thus, do not hesitate and let yourself enjoy this fairy journey full of emotions, bright colors and no fear but pleasure only.

1. Ecstasy`s Trail

A beauty Billy Winslow killed the most powerful and rich person in Texas. It was self-defence and now her life is put at stake. To hide from the law, she joined cowboys who were driving cattle pretending to be a young man. However, soon enough fearless Rand Pierce gets it that there is a beautiful young woman under a mask of the blunt boy. He had been dreaming about such a woman for many years. The woman he has not to save only but to make her belong to him no matter how…

2. Texas Star

A young widow prudence Reynolds detested wild Texas, deficient rancho, which fell heir, cows and cowboys with every fiber of her being … But most of all, cynic and mocking Cal Star, the son of the richest and crazy cattle breeder from around there. Just imagine, he knocked into his head that a lonely woman cannot live without strong man`s shoulder and offered his own! No way! Prudence will do with the rancho and employees very well on her own… However, will this beautiful woman made for love and pleasure manage to refuse from a man every glance of whom makes her blood teem with passion?

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3. Love a Dark Rider

Sarah Rawlings fell in love with masculine Texan Yansi Cantrell when she was a little girl and loved him for many years while he is being wrongly accused wandered far away. Once Yansi came back and realized that naïve little girl turned into a beautiful young lady, proud and cornfed, she drives him crazy. She secretly swore neither with look nor with glance show passion she feels about him…

4. Texas! Lucky

A brilliant Texan Lucky Tailor attracts women and… trouble like a magnet. This time though things went beyond the mark. Redhead stranger he saved in the bar from the unwanted attention of a drunk company escaped from him the next morning after the night of love. Disappeared beauty gave a shake not only his male vanity but also left him no reliable alibi as long as she is the only one who could prove Lucky`s being not involved in the crime police suspects him in…

“If you loved people, you might hurt them, dissapoint them, anger them, but you never, ever, dishonored them.” 

5. Something Wonderful

It seemed as if destiny played a young Alexandra Lawrence, tossing her surprise after surprise. At first, just a little girl, plainly not having time to understand what happened, she became the wife of Duke Jordan Hawthorne. Then, almost immediately, she received news of her husband’s death and, after much doubt, without love, agreed to enter into a new marriage. But during the wedding in the cathedral appeared Jordan, “risen from the dead” and not at all willing to give another one that is painfully jealous and passionately loves, one that he intends to make himself love …

Must read author interviews:

“I can write a book on the challenges that I faced to find the right publisher”— Rajshree Jaiswal

“Writing demands immense amount of lonely time. But in the end, it’s worth it because you are here by choice”— Vamshi Krishna

6. Tender Is The Storm

Beauty Sharisse Hammond did not want to a marry of convenience for the man whom her sister loved and preferred to go to the Wild West to meet countless dangers. However, it was in the prairies open to all winds, where the law of the revolver ruled that the girl met the one to whom she could give her heart – the fearless, courageous Lucas Holt, a man who burst into the life of Sharisse like a storm of passion …

7. Adora

Adora’s voluminous hair and violet eyes captivated the young prince Murad when he saw her in the flowering garden. Their love blossomed like a peach tree, under which he tore the first kiss from her lips. But Sultan Orkhan declared Adora his bride. Can lovers meet again?

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