You’re late

You’re always late

Thirty minutes pass by

Before I spot you bounding through the front door.

You see me right away

Without waiting to be greeted by a server

You make your way over pulling off your hat and scarf as you walk

As I watch

I am struck again by your beauty

Which is offhanded and accidental

With your tousled hair and laid-back style.

Yours is a beauty stripped of self-regard

And when we hug hello

I hear you make the sound I have come to love

A little sigh of happiness

And all my irritation simply drains away.


Poet- Robert A Cozzi

Robert Cozzi is an international award-winning poet, featured three times over in The World Poetry Movement’s publications, including “The Best Poems and Poets of 2011”. Robert grew up in Westfield, New Jersey, and has written five books to date, and “kaleidoscope of colors” is his latest.

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