There are no happy endings

no happy endings by Simran Rastogi

There are no happy endings.

Yes. Read that again… there are no happy endings.

Endings are tormenting. At times they rip you apart to the core, they make you carve for just a little more.

The ultimate ending that we all know about human connections is death. And if you have gone through the time when someone close to you died, you know how it feels. Even when we know that the end is coming or it comes all of a sudden, most of us aren’t able to handle it.

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At times, endings take us to the level of insanity, that we are ready to do anything and everything to let it stop, to have just one more moment. The insanity that is maybe beyond our own understanding, that shares no ifs and buts, but the only reason it holds to not let it end. Sometimes with it, we even do certain things that haunt us inside every moment, that brings out a side of us that we did not even imagine existing.

But we all know, whatever you do to stop a thing, at last, it will always come to an end. Somethings stay a little longer and others just go away in a flick. So why not the moment you have with them be made worthwhile.

Why don’t we focus on a happy journey, instead of looking forward to a happy ending?

Why not let’s love beyond the bar when the person is still in our lives, the person is still yours to be called?

Why not let’s just embrace the pain of the endings to start something new and worthwhile?

Why not let’s just forgive ourselves for the mistakes we did in the past relationships maybe which accelerated the end and take the lessons forward?

Why not let’s just forgive the other person, you might be blaming right now to chose what he/she thought was better for them and that did not include you?

Why not let’s just forgive them for the all mistakes they did which caused you pain?

Why not?

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We all know that after “The ultimate end” only the memories are left. Let’s all make our journeys worth remembering.

So, my dear people, let’s raise our hands high for the appreciation of the different journeys we have, people that gave us beautiful memories and roads that made us feel alive and alight all at the same time.

Because, even if there are no happy endings, we can always create beautiful journeys.

Cheers 🥂

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Author- Simran Rastogi

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