The first rays of the sun

Begin to peek over the tops of the buildings we pass

The violet-blue of Newark airport slowly turns to gold

Here comes the sun,” I say

You smile and reply, “Oh I love that song!”

So, I take out my phone

To find this old Beatles song in my music library

Then I hit play

Silently we watch the sun climb over the tops of Terminal C

And as the song plays,

The sun climbs higher

I feel you step into the beam

Of the sun that had been warming my face

My whole body is a live wire of nerves

Anticipating this goodbye and dreading it

I feel the warmth of your body move up

Against mine, as you bring me into an embrace

I am desperate to know if your eyes are closed like mine

Then I feel you pull back

Bit by bit your fingers loosen from behind my neck and move down to my chest

For a minute you lay your hand there

My eyes are still shut…afraid to look at you.

I feel your hand reluctantly pull away from my chest

Your breath is warm against my face as you say,

This is the only goodbye for now.”


Before you turn and make your way into the terminal

I see subtle loneliness in your eyes

That I recognize because it is in mine too

I am surprised to see the tears on your face

Two that fall towards your ears

You turn your face slightly

As if you do not want to meet my gaze

Though there is no gaze to meet

Because your eyes are shut.

I pause…waiting to speak

To ask what they are for

Your tears

But I already know.

After you are no longer in my sight

I take in the buildings bathed in gold and smile

Wondering where life will take us next.

I would give anything to know that you will miss me

Until the moment I step off the plane

In Los Angeles sometime in the future

And I hope that as soon as you see me

Any loneliness you have in your eyes

Will melt away immediately.


Poet- Robert A Cozzi

Robert Cozzi is an international award-winning poet, featured three times over in The World Poetry Movement’s publications, including “The Best Poems and Poets of 2011”. Robert grew up in Westfield, New Jersey, and has written five books to date, and “kaleidoscope of colors” is his latest.

Follow him on Instagram to read more of his work.

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