When all this is over, We are gonna fly…

When all this is over, We are gonna fly… (Poem by Gautam Mayekar)

Dear Stranger,

When all this is over,

Let’s take a walk on the beach.

Soft and beneath our feet,

Walking hand in hand.

You, staring at the sun,

Me, staring at you & narrating.

I promise, my stories won’t bore you.

Can I be your storyteller?

When all this is over,

Let’s cook.

We are both experts now,

Me, making fancy cakes and tarts,

You, making potato veggies.

I promise, I will do all the dirty dishes.

Can I be your chef?

When all this is over,

Let’s travel.

Take a dart, throw it at the world map.

Me, bugging you with history about

The places and not missing a single

Liverpool match.

You, wearing all your fancy clothes.

I promise, no talking about my books/marketing/writing.

Can I be your travel guide?

When all this over,

Let’s take a road trip.

Wake up in the morning and just drive.

Me, focused on the road.

You, playing the music on loop.

I promise, I will sing along.

Can I be your road trip partner?

When all this is over,

Let’s make love.

Colliding like two magnetic bars.

Me, tracing the curves of your lips,

And playing with the back strings of your top.

You, locking your arms around my neck.

I promise, I won’t break the strings of your heart.

Can I be your intimacy?

That when all this is over,

You and I,

We are going to fly.


Written by- Gautam Mayekar

Gautam Mayekar is a professional ethical hacker, and author of India’s first techno-psycho thriller— I’m So Hacked. Follow him on Instagram to read more of his work.

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