Did you know, reading is the best psychological process and books are the best psychiatrist. 

Yes, reading does make an impact on our mental health in a  good way. 

Want to know HOW?

Well, here are a few examples of how reading impacts your mental health and what are the benefits of reading books for brain.

Benefits of Reading Books for Mental Health & Brain

1. Practising Mindfulness

Mindfulness is just learning to be present in the moment and aware of what is going on around you. It is an ancient Buddhist practice that has been approved by modern research.

Many people exercise mindfulness through meditation or yoga, but reading is a type of easy mindfulness practice. Reading helps you to lose yourself in the pages of an incredible narrative or become engrossed in acquiring fresh knowledge about something that piques your interest.  

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2. Reducing Stress

Reading has been shown to dramatically reduce stress levels in as little as thirty minutes. To accomplish this effect, you have to choose the book you love or want to read, such as a comic novel, short story book, fiction love story etc. 

3. Improving Cognitive Function

As we learn and practise our cognitive talents, our brains develop neurological connections, and these connections increase general brain function.

According to researchers, reading allows us to simulate the genuine experience in our brains, allowing us to profit from a character’s emotional growth and capacity to overcome problems without having to go through the event ourselves.

4. Enhance Rational Thought and Creativity

Reading has been regularly linked to creativity. According to one study, people feel less of a “desire for closure” after reading fiction.

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5. Help in Stave Off Dementia

Reading and other brain-stimulating activities help to prevent mental decline and disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s. According to one study, persons who read later in age have a 32% lower likelihood of deteriorating mental ability. 

6. Helps in Develop Vocabulary

Researchers discovered a reliable source indicating people who read books regularly, beginning at a young age, gradually build huge vocabularies. And the extent of vocabulary can impact many aspects of your life, from standardised test scores to college admissions and employment chances.

7. Make us More Empathetic

One study discovered that reading literary fiction, which mirrors our daily life, improves our ability to feel empathy for others.  Those who read literary fiction showed a great sympathetic response.

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What Books Should You Read for Better Mental Health?

Choose novels that fascinate you if you want to try reading more frequently. Whatever type of book you choose, merely reading a few pages when you can is all that matters.

Begin by going to your local library or bookshop. 

Many librarians and bookshop personnel will gladly make recommendations for you. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, renting a book from a library is an excellent option. Choose a book that interests you, read the prologue or first few pages, and learn about the characters. These are the keys to discovering novels that pique your interest.

After you get into the habit of reading, you’ll probably notice a difference in your sleep quality and mood.

Even though the winter weather means spending more time indoors, a good storey can transport you anywhere you desire.

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