Book title: Fareb Ka Safar (फ़रेब का सफ़र)

Author: Abhilekh Dwivedi

Publisher: Sanmati Publishers

No. of pages: 128

Rating: 4 out of 5.
fareb ka safar book review

(फ़रेब का सफ़र) Fareb Ka Safar Book Review 

Fareb ka Safar book is a modern-life story based in a metro city. It takes you to a tour of the things and elements like the use of dating apps, social media, corporate culture, fling relationships, startups, parties, etc., with the depth added to the story by the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) for privacy invasion. 

The leading characters of the book are Sunny, Rohit, Sheena, Riya, Tanya, and Sonal. The story begins with the break-up of Sunny with his girlfriend, with whom he was committed in a live-in relationship. She cheats on him with another guy because Sunny was looking to find some startup idea but couldn’t really make much progress.

Rohit is working on another startup idea for a dating app similar to Tinder. Sunny is constantly indulged in this app to find matches for him. After the break-up, he finds three matches within a couple of days- Riya, Tanya, and Sonal. He starts dating three girls at a time. 

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Dating Apps, Flings, and… Privacy Invasion

Sunny thinks he is outsmarting them, but the girls have the same life as him. Riya asks if he would like a threesome with another female friend of hers joining them. Sonal starts romancing with him in the office. Too much lust. 

However, none of them have an idea that the intelligent technology called AI is being used to keep an eye on all of them and invade their privacy. 

Every character in the book is on their way to achieving something, not worrying about the betrayal they are doing in the way. However, someone is intentionally using the technology for ill things and their own benefits, without letting the users know that such kinds of things can happen to them. 

This is a good one-time read for:

  • People who like to read Hindi books
  • Those who like modern romance with a bit of erotica
  • Readers who are too much indulged in social media
  • Those who want to see the dark side of dating apps and social media

The title of the book- Fareb ka Safar matches the storyline perfectly. The book cover suits the title and the theme. In terms of the use of words for specific scenes, author Abhilekh Dwivedi has done a great job. He has used a mix of Hindi and English (Hinglish) to add the touch of reality and make it an interesting read. 

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In some instances, the author has used bold words and abusive words often used by young people, especially in colleges and corporate life. 

To give some idea about the intentional development of app features that can keep an eye on people, the initial chapters have scenes of Rohit asking Sunny to try the new features, conversing with his manager, and paying loaves and fishes to the app developer, etc. 

Lessons from Fareb Ka Safar Novel

I liked the story and the writing style as it shows some harsh reality of today’s modern and fast-paced world. The use of dating apps is significantly increasing over the last few years. While these are good for people who want to have fun and flings, but nobody looks at the dark side of such mobile applications. The consequences also need to be looked at. Fareb Ka Safar book by Abhilekh Dwivedi shows some of those consequences. 

People think that only they are smart and can fool anybody. This is a myth. 

You also learn that it is very difficult to trust anyone nowadays. People are liars and hide themselves behind those lies. 

You need to use social media apps wisely. The book will make you rethink your internet usage

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Best Quotes by Abhilekh Dwivedi in Fareb Ka Safar Book

Sharing some of my favorite quotes from Fareb Ka Safar novel here:

रात बीतने के बाद अगला दिन कैसा होगा, इसकी खबर न तो रात को होती है, न नींद को और न ही किसी सपने को।  लेकिन सुबह, अपना नया चैप्टर ऐसे शुरू करती है जैसे उसने पहले कहीं कुछ छोड़ा था, तो इसी सुबह के लिए छोड़ा था। ये सुबह की एक ऐसी जालसाजी है जिसके बारे में कोई मोटिवेशनल स्पीकर नहीं कहता। 

– Abhilekh Dwivedi, Fareb ka Safar

हालांकि कुछ सफर ऐसे भी होते है  जिनके रास्ते तो कुछ हद तक सही लगते है  लेकिन मंजिल पर पहुँचने में कोई इंटरेस्ट नहीं होता। ऐसे सफर में रास्तो का मजा लेते टाइम अक्सर ख्याल आता है कि अब लौट चलें यहाँ से। 

– Abhilekh Dwivedi, Fareb Ka Safar

एक घूंट खारे पानी का न चखो तो शराब पचती नहीं है। 

– Abhilekh Dwivedi, Fareb Ka Safar

कुछ सवाल ऐसे होते है जिनके जवाब आप चाह कर भी नहीं दे पाते।  आप जब एक कोशिश भी करते है, तो कोई पुराना वाकया आपको अपने जवाब से हटा कर, उस जगह ला खड़ा कर देता है जहाँ से आप बहुत पहले कहीं मुड़ चुके है।

– Abhilekh Dwivedi, Fareb Ka Safar

तारों वाली रात अब नहीं दिखती क्योंकि, नजर ही कहीं और होती है और ऊपर देखते ही छत नजर आती है, फिर चाहे वो हम अपने घर, ऑफिस, कार, किसी होटल या किसी लाउन्ज में बैठ कर उन्हें देखे और ये मान ले कि अब तारों वाली रात नहीं आती। 

– Abhilekh Dwivedi, Fareb Ka Safar

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