50 Best Writers and Poets on YourQuote to Follow in 2023

best writers on yourquote

Around a couple of years ago, I was looking for the best writing apps on Google Play and I ended up installing the YourQuote app. It was because I had already heard about it and some of my Instagram friends were using it actively to share their write-up. Their quotes on YourQuote templates looked professional and catchy. So, I gave it a try.

The UI (User Interface) of the platform is similar to Instagram so the users don’t have to learn how to use YourQuote. I had been actively sharing my write-up and one-liners on Instagram those days and then I started to share my words on YourQuote as well. People liked my words and appreciated it, and that’s what a writer or poet wants.

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If you have been following me on Instagram, you might be aware of the YourQuote templates I used to share my write-ups there. I used the app for around a year and then I got busy with my professional life and dropped the use of YourQuote. But it was a great experience and I believe it is one of the best writing apps for budding writers and poets in India.

Who founded YourQuote app?

The YourQuote app was created by two friends who were staying in the same hostel in IIT Delhi—Harsh Snehanshu and Ashish Singh. While Harsh is an author himself, Ashish is a tech whizz. The app was developed and launched in August of 2016.

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Benefits of publishing quotes and poems on the YourQuote app

The app allows users to share their write-ups with captions in up to 1200 characters. There are beautiful photo templates available that you can choose from on the basis of your theme and words. Your name will be there under the write-up, giving you proper credit for your work.

Following are the main advantages of posting your write-ups on YourQuote:

1. Write daily

The app motivates you to write daily and share your voice with fellow readers. When people read your work, you feel motivated which helps you to stay motivated and share on a regular basis.

2. Improve your writing

YourQuote provides several tips, techniques, and masterclasses to help writers improve their work and become better writers with time. You can also take inspiration and help from the best writers on YourQuote.

3. Get published

If you start writing and sharing your work regularly on the platform, then a new door of opportunity opens up for you. After publishing around 50 posts, the app unlocks a new feature of becoming a published writer on YQ Bookstore.

4. Become searchable on Google

If your quotes are available on the YourQuote app with your name, then they become searchable on Google. For example, if someone searches Chetan Bhagat quotes, a lot of relevant results appear. The same will happen if someone searches for ‘your name’ quotes. If you are looking to gain this benefit, then try to post regularly and check quotes with your name after posting around 20 quotes.

5. Collaborate with fellow writers

Like Instagram, you can follow other people if you like their write-ups. YourQuote is a platform consisting of hundreds of top writers and poets who are sharing poems, quotes, shayaris, one-liners, and more. You can find and get in touch with such people.

6. Develop a portfolio of your write-ups

When you share your quotes and other write-ups on the platform, a copy of the original photo gets stored locally on your device. After a certain time, you will have developed a creative and beautiful portfolio of your work.

7. Support for multiple languages

YourQuote app supports around 20 languages, including English, Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujrati, and more. It allows native writers to post and share their write-ups in languages of their choice.

Top Indian Poets and Writers on YourQuote App

Now coming to the main point- Who are the best writers on YourQuote? Or who are the top poets on YourQuote app? Below is a list of the 50 writers you must be following in 2023. We might have missed out on a few great writers, so feel free reach out to us to review your profile. If we like your profile and write-ups, we wouldn’t mind adding your name to the below list.

1. Abhilasha Rathi

2. Ayman Jamal

3. Anuup Kumar Agrawal

4. Ayena Makkar Girdhar

5. Ayushi Dauneriya

6. Abhinav Nair

7. Aditya Bafna

8. Aditya Kurdekar

9. Aishwarya Swarup

10. Anupma Verma

11. Anubhav Srivastava

12. Arohi Mukherjee

13. Ashish Awasthi

14. Bharath Nandibhatla

15. Deepshikha  

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16. Harsh Snehanshu

17. Heena Joshi

18. Jhelum Anikhindi

19. Kalpana Pandey

20. Kavisha Srivastava

21. Kanksha Gupta

22. Kef Amaya

23. Kirti Jain

24. Mamta Sharma

25. Mayanka Dadu

26. Meghana Bose

27. Mohini Dhankhar

28. Navita Jain

29. Nikitha Pandey

30. Nila  

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31. Oindrila Majumdar

32. Piyush Mishra

33. Prasoon Vyas  

34. Prem Kumar Chanda

35. Rashida Vali

36. Ria

37. Rubal Bhatia

38. Saket Garg

39. Sara Jothi

40. Sarika Singh

41. Satish Chandra

42. Supriya Mishra

43. Sachin Dhingra

44. Sakshi Vashist

45. Sanjana Kumar  

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46. Shaily Arora

47. Shrey Saxena

48. Sneha Dewani

49. Saurabh Pratap Singh

50. Tanisha Rajput

Wrapping up:

So, these are the top writers on YourQuote which you should follow today to read creative and unique quotes, shayaris, poems, one-liners, ghazals, and more. If we have missed out on including more such best writers, then feel free to reach us out via the comments below. We would be happy to expand the list and promote talented writers.

Also, let us know who are your favorite writers or poets on YourQuote?

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  1. U told about portfolio. Can I create a seperate page in other social media platforms where I can share my works or quotes?

    1. Yes, Pramita. You Can create separate page for your work. But I personally recommend doing things from your personal profile as it has some identity.

  2. I think that you have missed Rajasri.M in the top writer’s list
    She was the best writer I ever
    Unfortunately, she was having followers less in number..she was most talented writer..
    I have mentioned her YQ link in website,go there and read her quotes so that you will get to know her talent on writing…

    I request all to read Rajasri.M ‘s quotes

    And I would like to remind all to not think about how are having to her!!!

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