Book title– Broken is the New Beautiful

AuthorGarima Pradhan

PublisherProwess Publishing

Rating– 3/5

Broken is the New Beautiful— Book Review

Broken is the New Beautiful is a story that aims to help our society steer clear of the superstitions that are still affecting the lives of thousands of people in the country.

Khushi, the main character of the story, is a popular author who has written a life-changing book and helps her readers to heal their hearts and lives. She remains away from relationships because of the heartbreak she once had and leaves the decision of her marriage to parents.

The story revolves around a total of seven characters and one truth that changes everything. It shows that it is not right to judge people for something that can’t be changed. Nobody can change it if planets conspire his/her birth.

Going ahead, the story further reveals whether it is right to choose a life partner on the basis of salary, looks, body, figure and cooking skills; the difference between a man and a Mumma’s boy; and being broken doesn’t make anyone less beautiful.

Author Garima Pradhan has also expressed what a daughter means to her father, the harsh reality of some of the corporate firms, fake relationships that lead nowhere in life, and what true love means.

It is a 120-page book that won’t take much time to read. I liked the character of Khushi and the way she reacts to situations. Although life is a little tough for her, but things fall in place in the end, which made me happy.

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The author has designed the cover of the book herself, which seems creative considering the design aspects.

The use of Italic characters and standard characters hasn’t been done wisely in the book which might make it a little difficult for readers to understand the break between the scenes.

Best quotes from Broken is the New Beautiful

Enjoyed reading some of the lines from the book. Sharing my favorite quotes by Garima Pradhan in this book.

1. If you want to choose an extraordinary path, be ready to lose people.

Garima Pradhan quotes

2. It takes guts to present your life in front of the world without a filter.

3. Authors are the people who have survived hell. They are emotionally the strongest personalities you will ever meet.

quotes by Garima Pradhan

4. No daughter can keep calm if you disrespect her parents. If you never see a lioness in her, you will see it the day you hurt her family or disrespect them.

quotes from Garima Pradhan books

5. Some people never pay heed to the struggle behind a person’s success. They only see the success and call it luck.

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