The air is sweet with roasted peanuts

I don’t see you at first

Because the area around the fountain

Is packed with people

Children are running all along the fountain’s edge

Zigzagging past their parents

Shrieking out loud each time

The water sprays onto their clothes

But then I see you

You are hoisted up on the base of one of the lampposts

Scanning the crowd

I wave in your direction

Your face brightens when you see me

Your shiny black hair is long and hangs in your eyes

You aren’t obviously beautiful

But you’re beautiful

It’s a combination of charm and intelligence

A kind of earthy old-world grace

That makes me happy just to be with you

Even if we aren’t anything more than friends…

Poet- Robert A Cozzi

Robert Cozzi is an international award-winning poet, featured three times over in The World Poetry Movement’s publications, including “The Best Poems and Poets of 2011”. Robert grew up in Westfield, New Jersey, and has written five books to date, and “kaleidoscope of colors” is his latest.

Follow him on Instagram to read more of his work.If you have an interesting article/experience/poem to share, please get in touch with us

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