Author Abdul Ghaffar is an entrepreneur, corporate trainer, motivational speaker, and academic by nature. Holding three master’s degrees in Public Administration, Management, and Literature, Abdul Ghaffar has been awarded many accolades throughout his academic and professional career. 

He has made his debut as an author with one of the finest self-help books, titled ‘WHY- Reason for Every Action’. In this exclusive interview, author Abdul Ghaffar talks about his book, the inspiration behind writing it, why everyone must read it, some real-life incidents, and much more. 

Interview with Abdul Ghaffar, Author of ‘WHY- Reason for Every Action

author abdul ghaffar interview

1. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of yours and an overview of your debut book: “Why- Reason for Every Action”.

Thank you very much for allowing me to talk about myself and my book. Thanks to you and your readers. 

I am Abdul Ghaffar, a very simple person born in a small village of Siwan, a district of Bihar, India. I did my primary education at the government school in the same village. After passing high school in my town, I went to Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and completed my post-graduation where I was awarded a gold medal for scoring first position at M.A. level. Furthermore, the journey of my education took me to JNU, Delhi, from where I did my second post-graduation. 

In the progression of my career, I came to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Walking through different routes and acquiring knowledge and experience in multiple sectors, I authored a book on motivation. 

WHY- Reason for Every Action Book

Now, let me brief you about it. My passion for academics led me towards writing the ‘WHY’ book. This is a self-help book that is written in simple language, with a simple message and in simple style. From the cover page to the last page, this book keeps everyone motivated and tells the technique of retaining motivation. 

This book has been divided into eight chapters and a conclusion. It encourages readers to find the reason for every action. The beauty of the book is that it ends with poetry that helps the readers to stay continuously in ‘Why’ mode. 

2. What exactly were your thoughts and inspiration behind writing the WHY book?

Honestly, I put my heart into my dream and it became a desire that converted into a motivational book. To cut the long story short, travelling in many countries and meeting various types of people forced me to think that imparting knowledge is far better than getting something for yourself. 

That is why, I decided to write a self-help book to encourage, motivate and help people to achieve their goals. On the contrary, just completing my PhD and getting the entitlement of ‘Doctor’ to use before my name.

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3. How much time did you take to finish the manuscript? Did you follow any writing routine?

Thank you for asking this beautiful question. As it is said, “Rome was not built in a day”. It took two years to complete my manuscript but the information which is reflecting in the book is the result of the gathered knowledge and experience for decades. 

Of course, the intensity of desire and the continuity in efforts can only bring expected results. A routine for any work is a witness that you have an intensity of desire and continuity in efforts. 

4. What sort of reviews are you getting for the book?

I am happy to share the review that my readers have given about this book across the world. Although there are a large number of reviews available in different magazines and on different sites. If I tell you in brief, it has been said that this is a book in which a powerful message has been presented in a simple language with a most beautiful style. 

It is easy to understand the stories and messages and has given a practical approach to adopt them. Readers are also enthusiastic about the cover page that itself gives a strong message to motivate readers to start with why.

Review: ‘WHY – Reason for Every Action’ by Abdul Ghaffar

5. Your book mentions that everything happens for a reason. Can you share a couple of incidents from your own life that proves that indeed everything happens for a reason?

Of course, it’s not only me but it happens with everyone. No one can see any action without any reason. No matter whether it is good or bad. There is a possibility that you don’t realise or understand these reasons immediately but later. 

Let me take my example, first, I was preparing for the civil service examination when I was in JNU. When I was not selected that time, I was disheartened but now I am happy and thank GOD where I am. If I had been selected, my thinking would be definitely, not the same as I have, now. 

Second, I missed my first division in high school by two marks that made me upset then I challenged myself to be a better version of myself and that helped me to score the highest marks and a gold medal at the university level.

6. Could you please share five benefits of reading the ‘WHY- Reason for Every Action’ book, especially for the millennials today?

Book reading is always a reason for great benefits. Coming to your question, these are the five benefits of reading this book in this situation. 

This book will help the readers to:

  1. change their way of thinking; 
  2. know how to find the route cause of any problem; 
  3. know the technique to retain motivation; 
  4. aware of motivation boosters as well as motivation killers; 
  5. Learn to know how to start the day with why.

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7. Along with life experience, what were other crucial sources to find the right information while writing the book?

My continuous reading of religious scriptures, novels, science fiction and motivational books helped me a lot in writing this book. I also attended lots of seminars and accessed many YouTube videos on motivation and watched with full attention contributed to complete it. 

Above all, I had discussions with my seniors, friends and managers of different companies who helped me and encouraged me to complete this book. 

8. You are a corporate trainer, entrepreneur, speaker, social worker, and into many more things, but still managed to write a thoughtful book like WHY. How do you maintain the work-life balance?

The entire system of nature is based on balance. The concept of equal i.e. 50-50 doesn’t support to run system of this world. It has been correctly balanced instead of exactly set on an equal basis. You can take the example of anything in this world. 

Water consists of two elements of hydrogen and one element of oxygen. Neither the ratio of land and water is equal nor the ratio of sweet and saline water is equal. All gases in the atmosphere are not equally distributed. So, life also needs balance to go smoothly. 

We have a lot of things to do in our life. If you have a passion for something, you find time for it anyhow. You need to make a balance between your personal as well as professional life. I also learn and do the same as other human beings. I am not an exception. 

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9. A quick-fire round:

– Books that have influenced your life? 

Religious scripture.

– What are your other passions in life? 

My family, friends and my work.

– What is that dream goal you want to achieve before you die? 

To establish a high-quality affordable school for all.

– If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it? 

You are asking me about my autobiography. No, I am not writing. I will prefer that somebody should write about me.

10. What’s next in the roadmap for Abdul Ghaffar? Are you working on a new book already?

I am still reading when I will realise that I learnt a new thing, I will come up with a new book to share with my readers. It will be in the same direction as this book. 

Thank you very much for your informative and interesting questions. I enjoyed it a lot while talking to you.

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