Drug addiction and abuse in India has become one of the major problems, as millions of young people are becoming dependent on cannabis, heroin, opiates, and other drugs. Whether we talk about cities or villages, drug addiction has become prevalent, even among the schoolboys. 

To provide insights on drug addiction in India and save the youth of the country from it, Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh has written a masterpiece book, titled Drug Addiction. Rajinder Singh retired from the Indian Army in 1991 as Sr Advisor Pysciatory Armed Forces. 

He has done Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), Doctor of Medicine (MD), and worked for the Punjab Civil Medical Services (PCMS) before serving the army. For over two decades now, he has been offering voluntary service for drug abuse treatment.

Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh Talks About Drug Addiction (Interview)

Read on as Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh talks about his book on drug addiction, the inspiration behind writing the book, who must read it, treatment for drug abuse and addiction, India’s NDPS Act, and how to deal with drug addiction. 

dr rajinder singh interview

1. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of yours and an overview of your book- Drug Addiction.

I am Dr Rajinder Singh, retired from the Indian Army in 1991 as Senior Advisor Psychiatry Armed Forces. I did my MBBS from Medical College, Amritsar during 1951-56. I joined Punjab Civil Medical Services (PCMS) and served there till I was deputed to Army during the emergency in 1962. 

I have done my DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) from Pune University in 1968 and MD (Doctor of Medicine) from PGI, Chandigarh in the seventies (1979). Since 1991 after my retirement from Army, I have been into social work and voluntary service.

Book about drug addiction, abuse, and recovery

The Drug Addiction book has been written for medical & paramedical staff of Drug De-addiction centres, general practitioners, and social activists eager for voluntary service. 

My aim with the book is to help in the treatment of patients with drug addictive disorders & save the youth of the nation through holistic management a blend of traditional & spiritual components. The book is published by Kalgidhar Trust through Akal University under the guidance of the visionary Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, President of the Trust.

2. What was your inspiration behind composing a book on drug addiction in Punjab and India? Who must read this book?

The inspiration is to save the youth whose lives are being devastated by drugs. They have gone astray. The Drug Addiction book is to help them come back & stay sober.

3. When did you think of writing this book? Who else has contributed to it?

As I was interested in addiction medicine, I used to write articles for publication in journals & for reading in scientific conferences. The accumulated articles & contributions from my colleagues were arranged & given the shape of a book in 2012. The present edition is the revised and updated version.

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4. What are five things about drugs that everyone must know?

  1. Everyone should have some idea about the hazards and harmful effects of drug abuse.
  2. Drug abuse is a chronic problem.
  3. It occurs repeatedly because relapses are common and should not dishearten the family members. The family should be persistent with the treatment.
  4. Association of stigma & criminality worsen the outcome of this treatment.
  5. They should know it is easy to stay out than to come out.

5. In a country where a part of the police, politicians, celebrities, and influencers themselves are into drugs, do you see any positive news in the near future?

A very valid question. It is difficult, but if concerted efforts are made by the well-meaning person with missionary zeal, we can see a ray of hope. It is a big challenge for the nation. Let us not lose hope to educate people so that they do not get hooked. Youth is the vulnerable age. The outcome of this problem is so uncertain. We should focus on preventive measures. Drug de-addiction though unavoidable should not be the only alternative. It should be a multi-pronged strategy to tackle this menace.

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6. I have heard people talking about the several benefits of Marijuana since it’s a plant. Is Marijuana as harmless as they think?

You have heard correctly & that is the reason many states in the USA have legalised its use even for recreational purposes. Let us not lose sight of its addictive potential. Cannabis abuse is the commonest in the world.

7. Do you see India’s NDPS Act bringing out any positive outcomes?

Yes, it can, if it is implemented properly and genuinely. But there is no hope if the present situation continues. There is no other way to reduce & restrict the availability of Illicit drugs in the world. This business is so profitable. Everyone wants to get rich in a short time. This is the easiest alternative.

8. What will happen if India legalizes marijuana or Cannabis like Canada, Spain, and many other countries?

It will worsen the situation.

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9. A quick-fire round:

Do you read books? If yes, what are some of your all-time favourite books and authors?

Yes, I read books. My favourites are the philosophers, social reformers, spiritualist and medical & psychiatry book journals.

Luck or Hard Work, what do you think weighs more in defining a successful person?

The secret of success is to work hard and luck will follow.

A line said by your close one that you never forget?

Inspire others by noble example and not by preaching.

What is that dream goal you want to achieve before you die?

World peace – I know it’s impossible, but one must dream high.

10. What concrete steps can be taken to win the war against drug addiction in India?

Start loving the addicted patient. It is hard to begin.

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