Nicholas Paul Ginex graduated from the City University of New York and went on to obtain a Master’s in Business Administration at Adelphi University in 1979.  A retired Engineering Manager, he has provided Configuration Management planning and controls for successful development and deployment of hardware and computer software products at top aerospace and commercial companies. 

Nick enjoys his seventy-first birthday (August 27, 2006)

Photo taken to celebrate his first self-published book, Legacy of a Father

His organizational, logical and writing skills produced management project plans, specifications, procedures, design and supporting documents for the successful operation of entire engineering projects.

Nicholas Ginex interfaced with all levels of management to improve operations for such large engineering companies as Hughes Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas Electronic Systems and Raytheon Missile Systems. Upon retirement in 2002 from Raytheon, Nicholas wrote his first book, self-published in 2004, titled Legacy of a Father.   The cover of this book is illustrated below.  

legacy of a father book nicholas ginex

While writing Legacy of a Father, the Evolution of God from the Past into the Future, he sang and played his guitar at senior care centers and nursing homes for their enjoyment. The smiles on their faces and joy in their eyes have been his greatest reward.  

This was his first book, which entailed two and a half years of research to accumulate facts relevant to what he thought about since he was a young boy.  After receiving the Catholic rites of Communion and Confirmation, his curiosity raised a question that many may have thought about, who was God and where did He come from?

Love for his children and desire to inform people about how man conceived a one-universal god motivated Nicholas Ginex to write his first book, Legacy of a Father.  It was self-published October 16, 2006, containing over 650 pages. It presented the development of the Egyptian civilization and how its people advanced from the belief in many gods to conceive a one-universal god.  

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Today, around the world, many people are unaware that they announce the Egyptian god’s name as they reverently sing Amen in houses of worship, the end of a prayer, request a much-needed outcome, and an expression of thanks when that request successfully occurs.

Legacy of a Father presents a comprehensive history of Egypt that reveals how their one-universal god influenced the development of the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions.  The history of Ancient Egypt and the development of religious beliefs was cut into two parts so that the reader can easily digest significant periods that describe the rise and fall of Egypt.  

Upon describing Egyptian religious beliefs, the second part describes how the major religions assimilated many of their beliefs.  Of significance, the book looks to the future by addressing how the three major religions may improve their beliefs to keep pace with man’s development in an increasing scientific world.  In 2021, this book was reformatted with full colour and a press release provided below presents an overview of its contents. 

This book was the progenitor of Future of God Amen, A Call to Daughters and Sons of God.  Self-published in 2007, it contained 361 pages.  Knowing that the contents of this body of literature had much value to offer discerning followers of a religion and god, the most important finding, how mankind conceived a one-universal god, had to be told to believers in God.  

In 2009, author Nicholas Ginex contracted Xlibris Publishing to publish Future of God Amen so that people may access it at many retail book stores.  This publication included several complimentary book reviews from exceptional authors.  

future of god amen book nicholas ginex

Since the publication of Future of God Amen, with the wealth of facts and findings in the source document, Legacy of a Father, this author was able to write and publish five other books:  

  1. AMEN, The Beginning of the Creation of God
  2. Amen, and Jesus’ Revelation
  3. God, Us and the Universe
  4. Allah, We, Our and Us
  5. Obama, Islam and Benghazi

It is the author’s hope that people will benefit by learning more about God and their purpose in life. Overviews and book reviews may be viewed on the Internet website, 

Nicholas has been honoured to have several of his books, numerous articles, and press releases hosted on an international website, the Iran Politics Club (IPC). The founder and administrator of this website, Dr Ahreeman, had the foresight to preserve Nicholas’ literary works so that people around the world can freely access his writings.  

His books are candidates for use in high schools, colleges, and universities for the knowledge, facts, and findings that reveal the nature of man and how he conceived God. Dr Ahreeman added Legacy of a Father to the IPC website as a lasting legacy of Nicholas’ message.  It is an appeal that appears throughout many of his books, which is the last-great command by a man of God, to love one another. The website below takes you directly to the Ginex Index. 

People and students with interests in humanities, psychology, history, sociology, and theology studies will find Ginex’s books highly illuminating. His writings gravitated from the history and development of the major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to look to the future and have all people gain insights into the opportunities of the future of mankind. The last two books by Nicholas Ginex serve to do that.  An overview of these books and their press releases are provided below. 

Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind.  This book warns people that China, the U.S. and multimillionaires are financing artificial intelligence (AI) development to control and replace humans. After describing the misuse of AI and the dangers it forebodes for the future, this book presents a novel AI solution that seamlessly employs an automated U.S. Capitalist AI Fund. A solution that can balance the wealth of America and increase the quality of life for all Americans.

Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.  This book provides several topics whereby the reader can learn of the author’s innate views as a father, the phenomena of Consciousness, a philosophic-scientific view of how the universe began, and conclusive evidence that Extraterrestrials have landed on the moon. 

It discloses two of the greatest technical discoveries kept hidden by the United States military through control of the national news media, TV news, movies, publications of scientific and astrophysics papers.   Not acknowledged by the national media, it reveals the CIA and FBI have murdered many people who were a threat to revealing top-secret spacecraft development in the underground complex known as Area 51.  A press release is presented on:

Iran Politics Club: Nicholas Ginex Press Release Everything has a Beginning Even Universe Book

People worldwide must demand all space technology, developed covertly by the military-industrial complex, be disclosed to improve their quality of life and enter the new era of interstellar space travel.  Zero-point energy can achieve low-cost energy without the use of oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuels that pollute the earth.  

The benefits will eliminate poverty and lack of food; wars due to religious and political differences; and sufficient leisure time to grow intellectually and morally – a prerequisite to join intelligent and peaceful beings throughout space.  It may give people greater insight into the belief in God and help guide them to increase their knowledge, love, and integrity. Attributes that will prepare them to one day meet other intelligent beings in the universe.

Interview With Author Nicholas Ginex

author nicholas ginex interview

1. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of yours and an overview of your book- ‘Everything Has a Beginning- Even the Universe’.

I am Nicholas P. Ginex, a lover of humanity and a seeker of truth. I am here to explore, to search, to study, to educate and to unveil. While aerospace, engineering and science are my fields of academics, yet history, philosophy and humanities are my fields of research. 

I desire to learn and teach a few, so together we can seek the light and search for the truth. May the sun shine a light from behind the clouds of obscurity and may love  prevail so that the words of Gerald Massey, Egyptologist and Poet, becomes a reality:

                  The time shall come, 

When man to man shall be a friend and brother,

And this old world shall be a happy home, 

And all Earth’s family loves one another!

      Hope on, hope ever.

An overview of my last written book, Everything has a Beginning – Even the Universe, has been presented in the brief bio provided above.  It provides a philosophical and scientific view of the beginning of matter from energy in space.  Then advances the reader how two of the greatest technical discoveries of our era, developed under top-secret military programs, has already given mankind the ability to travel to planets around our sun and eventually, to planets that revolve around other stars.

This book opens up avenues of thought in understanding the phenomenon of Conscious-ness and if it exists intrinsically at the level of an electron, which is, in fact, the master in the creation of all atoms in the universe; a perceptive conclusion that deserves further study by our finest physicists and scientists. 

2. Please tell us about your previous books? How many books have you written to date?

The writing of books began after I retired at the age of 67.  I was motivated to leave a legacy of my thoughts as a father to four beautiful and intelligent girls.  However, after four weeks of outlining what could be meaningful for them, I was convinced to write what I thought about since I was a young boy.  

After many years reading some of our most profound religious scholars, philosophers, and exceptional Egyptologists, I had to impart to not only my children, but people around the world, how mankind came to conceive and worship one-universal God. 

Legacy of a Father was my first self-published book.  Having over 650 pages of facts and findings of a civilization that gave mankind the belief in one-universal God, it became a source document that led to the writing of five other books listed in the Author Bio above.  To date, I have written nine books, which ended with Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest technologies today. What inspired you to write a book about it? How exactly can AI benefit mankind?

I was motivated to write about AI after viewing a documentary by Frontline PDS (The American Public Broadcasting System).  It revealed that presently, AI is an exceptional tool that has increased the production output of goods and services but its automated capabilities have caused the loss of jobs affecting the livelihood of millions of American workers.

What has become a great concern is the direction in the use of AI.   It has become a disconcerting reality that some billionaires and multimillionaires have begun to use AI to surreptitiously control the thoughts of people and are developing ways to inoculate people for biological control as well.

This book highlights that there is a lack of character, knowledge, and integrity instilled in the upbringing of our citizens and youth. Can it be that our educational institutions have failed to have our next generation be independent and logical thinkers and our religious organizations have failed to impart morality, values, and the attribute to love one another? 

These are two areas that our civilization lacks today and this is why we are experiencing a breakdown of our American heritage that was founded on equality and justice for all citizens. 

The purpose of this book was not only to define the problems that create the improper use of AI but also how we can solve the problem? This book provides a path, a solution that will be very strange for some, but entirely innovative by using AI in such a way that every American can be given an opportunity to use their gifts and enjoy a quality of life that has never before been achieved for an entire people of one country. The solution is one of many that others have envisioned. 

It is a novel approach conceived by others in the past but unfortunately, they lacked the automated capability of AI. It is an approach that can be further developed by our greatest minds and our wonderful hope for this world, our youth.

4. Out of all the books you have written, which one is the closest to your heart? And why?

Without any hesitancy, I would say my first book, Legacy of a Father is what propelled me to become an author of many other books because of the rich groundwork of history and facts that provided insights into other avenues of thought.

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5. When did you think of writing something? And what was your first piece of writing?

It was only after I retired that I had the luxury to sit and think about what was worthwhile putting on paper.  I was fortunate to have met many people in my life that gave me the opportunity to love and be loved.  The closeness of many hearts and minds taught me to grow with a greater understanding that I am privileged to share in the more relaxed years of my life.  

I guess my first desire to write was when, at the age of 13 or 14, as I was going down a flight of stairs of our second-story apartment, a sudden set of thoughts came to me that was so original and poetic that I rushed back to my room and wrote them down.  

To this day, I don’t remember those thoughts.  In my later years, as I wrote my first book, I would get up from bed in the middle of the night to write down flashes of thought on my computer.  I sometimes feel it could have been a holy spirit that prompted me to express myself on paper for, at such times, I felt and thought differently than I normally do. 

6. Whom do you consider your icons when it comes to writing? Any favourite authors?

I have no favourite authors or icons that may have influenced my writing style.  However, I would spend much time selecting a book to read.  What I always looked for was the way in which the author expressed his or her thoughts.  

I never liked wordy, long paragraphs.  I preferred modules of thought written with no more than three to five sentences.  Essentially, I always looked for an author who appealed to my nature or disposition. 

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7. A few of your books talk about God, Amen, and several spiritual things. Would you like to shed some light on the content these books cover?

The Brief Author Bio presented above gives an understanding of why I wrote Legacy of a Father; my first book on how mankind first conceived the belief in one-universal God. It laid the groundwork for the five books that followed.  The reason why I was motivated to write about man’s conception of God and the development of religious beliefs was to inform people that the profound belief in one-universal God took years to conceptualize in the isolated country of Egypt.  

Unfortunately, the major religions of today have not acknowledged that eight of the ten commandments, given in the Old Testament, were already practised by the Egyptians for many centuries before the Hebrews entered Egypt.  The research and findings I accrued from the books by Egyptologists enlightened my perception that the Hebrews emulated many Egyptian hymns and literature, which may be found to reside in the Proverbs of Solomon and Geneses of the Torah, 

The research and hours spent to validate many of my thoughts on religion and God led me to write a scholarly resource on how mankind first conceived one-universal God.  It is titled, Provide History of Religion and God.  The link for this paper is here

It was noticed by ERIC (Education Resource and Information Center) and placed on the Internet.  ERIC is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.

8. As a seasoned author, would you mind sharing three pieces of advice for emerging authors?

One – When anticipating the desire to write a book, be it fictional or nonfiction, first assess if what you will spend many hours of time and effort will give value to the reader.  That value may be the discoveries of knowledge not unfolded to the general public or simply, and as importantly, a pleasure to evoke a smile, laughter, and admiration of the set of characters conceived for a delightful story.

Two – Spend time constantly evaluating the key ideas or thoughts that will be of value to the reader.  The author may need to do some research if working on a non-fictional book that requires facts that can substantiate logical thought and conclusions.

Three – Authors must always be themselves and reflect an honest disposition for they are either entertaining or enlightening the reader to accept fresh ideas and new perspectives.  

9. A Quick-Fire Round:

Books that have influenced your life?  

At the age of fourteen, I was intrigued by the science of the mind and read Sigmund Freud’s Introduction to Psychoanalysis.  Every author I read influenced my growth as a thinker for they took the time to share what they have learned in life.

What are your other passions in life?  

At the age of fifteen, I took guitar lessons because I was gifted with the desire to sing.  In fact, I would sing just before I attended elementary school and before going out to play on the streets of New York.  Now, retired at 85 years of age, I am learning guitar techniques from music books by George Van Eps and jazz guitarist Mikey Baker.  The goal is to play guitar solos.

Where is your favourite place to write?  

I am blessed to have my own room where I could look out and enjoy the sunshine and beauty of trees and flowers.

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?  

At this time in life, I have no real gift to write about myself for I am a writer that prefers to observe, teach, and inform others what could be of benefit for them.

Define writing and your relationship with it.  

To me, writing is like painting a picture or portrait.  Every word is like a stroke of paint.  For every author knows that you can say the same idea or thought in many different ways.  That is why the author must be oneself for he is trying to capture the trust in his reader to not only like what was written but to have the reader like him as a person he would like to meet someday.  

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10. What’s next in the roadmap for author Nicholas Ginex? Are you working on a new book already?

On August 27 of this year (2021) I will be an 86 year old Virgo.  My books already have defined me as a man who searches for the truth and imparts that truth if it affects the lives of others.  

Instead of books, I am resigned to writing articles, many of which I have incorporated into my last book, Everything Has Beginning – Even the Universe.  One article warns the public of a dire threat that surreptitiously operates as a Shadow Government.  Controlled by undercover top-secret CIA operatives, this unelected government affects America’s sovereignty as a nation that upholds and protects the freedoms of its citizens.  The article is titled, Planned 2021-2022 UFO Hoax by CIA-Pentagon.  It may be read by clicking on the link below.

Planned 2021-2022 UFO Hoax by CIA Pentagon

The article divulges that the U.S. military has successfully back-engineered Extraterrestrial spacecraft technology, which has resulted in the development of operational Inter-planetary Flying Objects (IFOs) since the late 1950s. This top-secret development has been kept from the public due to control by undercover CIA operatives in collusion with corporate leaders in the Military-Industrial Complex.  

Top-secret CIA operatives have achieved total control of America’s fake news media. This control affects what the American public sees and reads in scientific journals, newspapers, magazines, TV and movie shows, and books published throughout the literary spheres.  This control has become so pervasive that it has extended its reach to effectively affect the Congressional, Presidential, and Judicial branches of the United States. This insidious and powerful control has affected the election outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election. 

The article encourages all people and leaders in all countries to demand UFO-ET Technology Disclosure, and in return, amnesty for the murders committed by CIA-FBI agents since the Roswell UFO crash.  Only by worldwide communication can the insidious, unauthorized government agencies relent and provide full UFO-ET technology disclosure.  

The Shadow Government would be wise to concede and acknowledge that by infusing ET technologies into all of America’s machines on land, sea and air, humanity can attain a new and peaceful future with prosperity in countries around the world.  But will the CIA-Pentagon operatives be willing to give up the power they now so arrogantly possess for their own selfish goals?

As an author who does not like being made a fool of by lies and deceit, it is his hope that mankind will pursue and amplify his efforts to uphold and fight for transparency, peace, and the ability for all to be the best they can be with God’s greatest command in John’s Gospel –

love one another.


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