Meet Prachi Kothari– one of the youngest poets in India. At the mere age of eleven, she has written two books (nearly 400 poems) and is currently working on a third one. 

Along with writing poems, author Prachi Kothari is also a blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, and freelance writer. She has left the world shocked with her sheer talent in writing and creativity. In 2020, she won the Summer Camp Google 2020 and got the chance to meet the Indian Cricket team’s captain, Virat Kohli.

Read on as Prachi Kothari talks about her books, inspiration behind write-ups, feeling of being the youngest poet in India, favourite authors and books, and much more.

Prachi Kothari Interview: One of the Youngest Writers in India

youngest poet prachi kothari interview

1. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of yours and an overview of your book- Rainbow in the sky. 

I am Prachi Kothari,  an 11-year-old author of the series, ‘The lightning bulbs of my heart’. I am also an excellent blogger at: exemplaryprachi.blogspot.com where I wrote 50 wonderful blogs in 10 days. And a young podcaster at ‘Extraordinary World on Earth’ available at Spotify, Google Podcasts and Anchor. 

I am a YouTuber at Prachi Kothari where I recite many of my fabulous poems. Lastly, a freelance writer at Fiverr where I write poems.

let me tell you about my 2nd book: Rainbow in the sky

A rainbow-striped with multifarious colours that represent our world. Our world is a mixture of beautiful living and nonliving things. This book is a collection of 40 such poems that are funny, valuable, happy and represent many more things. 

Appealing poems are composed on such topics that give you a lesson to live life better and sometimes make you enjoy and have fun. Few poems are based on inspirational people that have a remarkable role in our life. 

Many are motivational poems that help you to reach great heights. The sky’s the destination that is made of these living, non-living creatures and inspiring people who have mixed emotions. Thus, making the title of this book best, “Rainbow in the sky”.

2. From where do you find the inspiration behind your poems and write-ups? 

I get it by observing, feeling and thinking deeply about the things in the world. I know that the ill deeds we humans are doing need to be stopped. I need to take action against them. And for the sweet things around us, I aim to spread joy through that. 

Many of my poems are based on the environment, human pleasures, compassion, and human emotions.

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3. At what age did you first write something, like a poem, article, anything? What made you get into writing?

I wrote my first poem when I was 10. One day, we were given English homework in which we had to write a poem on breakfast. In the beginning, it was a difficult task to rhyme it and write it. But, after a long time, I had finally created a great poem. And I loved doing the activity. 

So, I wrote a few more poems which scaled up to a collection of 400 poems. These poems have now been translated into my two books, ‘Rainbow in the sky’ and ‘The blooming flowers’.

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4. Please tell us about your other books. How many books have you written to date? 

I have written two poetry books, ‘Rainbow in the sky’ and ‘The blooming flowers’. The first book is a fascinating collection of 30 of my best poems. The book reflects my expressions. “The blooming flowers” means that the flowers bloom representing my creative feelings. 

It is blooming which means it opens with the ideas arriving in my brain. The poems are beautifully composed and written on various topics. In some of my poems, I describe positive feelings like happiness, kindness, love. 

Few poems are based on salient people who have a renowned role in our lives like parents, soldiers and doctors. And on other great subjects too. All my poems are written in a very pleasant and alluring manner. 

5. Having published two books already at the mere age of 10, how does it feel to be one of the youngest authors in India? 

It feels really great like an explorer who is exploring new things, expressing my emotions. Writing has inculcated many social values in me like confidence and creativity.

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6. Would you mind sharing three of your favourite poems from the Rainbow in the Sky book?

I am not the best

My voice is not the loudest,

I don’t look so beautiful

I am not perfect in everything,

But I can still do illustrious deeds,

In my life,

Which can make my life,

More and more surpass,

I can bloom like the flower,

Reach the high skies,

And then shine like the stars,

Even though,

I am not the best

– Prachi Kothari

The Earth Day

Millions of years ago, I was made,

Where rain and sun played,

Then someone valued my birthday,

The animals and the ants,

Later, people came to this

enchanted world,

And made my condition worse,

They threw their litter on the road,

And cleanliness’s throat soared,

They spitted here and there,

Which I could not bare,

Vehicles are my enemies,

And now I have no one to mend me.

There are some people who

understand my value,

How important is this blue (planet)?

So, save the earth,

And celebrate its birth,

By cleaning your surroundings,

And putting the garbage in the


Don’t pollute me,

Use a cycle and make me free (from

my evil),

So, celebrate my birthday,

By making me clean and by making an enthralling day

– Prachi Kothari

5 Athletes, great athletes

I am ready for the race,

Waiting when it will start,

Wondering at which place I would stand,

 Would my efforts reap?

10 years of complete endeavour,

Of my hard work and practice,

For my dream which had been before,

Of being an athlete and to create a record of running the fastest

At the ground, there is a crowd,

Cheering and encouraging us,

Their claps and voices loud,

For their dear ones

Then the pistol is shot,

And all the athletes start running,

But that is not all,

You didn’t see their special shining

There were five different athletes,

One when was getting trained got a sore pain,

But those athletes were great,

They lightened their heart and brain

The 4 athletes helped the fifth athlete,

They helped him to stand,

Poor Danny,

Their act was very grand

The 5 athletes held their hand together,

And Danny went wobbling,

What they did was very right,

They went all the way to the finish line

The big crowd gave a standing ovation,

They clapped and saluted,

Their obliging solution,

They were the 5 athletes, great athletes

– Prachi Kothari

7. Who is the target audience for your books? Can readers of any age read your work?

Yes, readers of any age from 8-100 can read my book.

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8. You got the chance to virtually meet India’s most loved cricketer Virat Kohli. Please share your experience. How did it feel like talking to a star?

I was really glad and joyful that I got to represent my talent at a greater level. It was the second-best day of the year. The first being of course my birthday. Haha

9. You are also running a personal blog, a YouTube channel, and managing freelance clients on Fiverr. How do you manage it all at this age? Who helps you the most in managing things?

For me, it was from 10-11 in the night where I would do things of my interest. My mom and sister play a renowned role in my journey.

10. A Quick-Fire Round (answer in up to 50 words):

What are some of your favourite books?

The Harry Potter Series and The Malory Tower Series.

Do you think of continuing your career in future as a writer only or have something else in mind?

I am just 11 now, so I am not sure of my career yet.

Write-ups of which authors inspire you the most?

Sarojini Naidu

What else do you like to do apart from writing?

I like to dance, read books and watch television

11. What’s next in the roadmap for author Prachi Kothari? Are you working on a new book already? 

I am about to publish my 3rd book. It is a fusion of poetry and prose blended into a story. I am working on my 4th book (it’s a novel) that talks about saving our planet for a better future with a bit of criticism. 

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