Book Title: Nature’s Disciple

Author: Suhas Kumar

Number of Pages: 386

Publisher: Notion Press

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
nature's disciple book review

Nature’s Disciple Book by Suhas Kumar: Review

The book ‘Nature’s Disciple’ takes you on an adventurous tour in the Indian forests with the scent of fresh air. 

Author Suhas Kumar has retired as a Principal Chief conservator of the forest. He has beautifully inked the dedication, sacrifices, challenges and determinations of the men at work. 

The interesting part of the book is that it has the wildlife pictures captured by the author and men at the field giving insights into the real events. 

Issues like encroachment, so-called urban development which is more of self-destruction, corruption, low budget allocations to the Ministry of Environment, poaching, wildlife crimes, culling, scams have been explained in the simplest way along with the possible solutions. 

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The author will make you fall in love with mother nature and incorporate a sense of duty towards safeguarding it. In the era of global warming, endangered species, the knowledge of co-existence in every human is prime. 

With a pinch of sugar and salt, the problems and failures of the system have been explained well and not trying to camouflage it. 

The book shows that despite knowing that the earth is the only planet found till now to harbour life, we do things that pollute the habitats on which other creatures depend. Everybody needs to know more about these creatures including plants, animals, and microbes who share the planet with us. 

There is a narrative of several real events which is interesting as well as infuses awareness about the troubled predators, forest laws and acts, wildlife tourism and its issues, and the day to day risks of the foresters. 

Nature’s Disciple by Suhas Kumar is a must-read for everyone to inculcate the sense of responsibility towards mother nature and understand the concept of ‘live and let live’ for each denizen.

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