Mrs Ranjeeta Ashesh is the founder of Kshitij- Where Dreams Meets Reality, a poet, motivational speaker, and the author of Sushmaanjali. She aims to serve the emerging writers with Kshitij and help them turn their passion into a profession.

She became Mrs India Delhi NCR and Mrs Most Talented 2018. Recently, Ranjeeta Ashesh was awarded with the Dr. Sarojini Naidu International Award.

Read on as Poetpreneur Ranjeeta Ashesh talks about her brand- Kshitij, life as a writer, her book, favorite authors, advice for budding writers, and much more.

Ranjeeta Ashesh, Founder of Kshitij

1. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of yours and an overview of Kshitij- Pioneer of Indian Iconic Poet.

I’m a poetpreneur with an army background. As the better half of an Army Officer, I’m also a servant to the mother nation by being his strength and a facilitator to his needs while he serves our nation incessantly.

In 2018, I laid the foundation of the poetry organization “KSHITIJ- Where Dreams Meet Reality”.  KSHITIJ is serving budding poets so that they can prosper and follow their passion into profession .

KSHITIJ is a pioneer of ‘Indian Iconic Poet’ in India and has successfully conducted 2 seasons.

Apart from poetry, I further explored myself and became Mrs India Delhi NCR, as well as Mrs Most Talented 2018. I have motivated many by speaking my heart out and was invited by various forums as a motivational speaker.

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2. What was the catalyst behind founding Kshitij? From where did the idea arrive?

I call myself a Poetpreneur i.e. an entrepreneur bringing change in the field of poetry for the betterment of budding poets

As everyone knows poetry is a form of art which is enjoyed by few maestros. Being a poet, when I started attending poetry meets, I found budding poets struggling for their existence.

Everytime it was senior poets who were showstoppers. 

I met several young poets who were extraordinary writers but due to lack of opportunity, they kept a distance from writing as there was not much scope. This made me realise that something needs to be done in order to bring poetry to mainstream.

Problem was definitely existing, crowds were missing from poetry meets. Families never supported young poets.

I had few interesting ideas which could  break the stereotypes. I don’t want to die regretting this unique concept which I wanted to implement but couldn’t do because nobody supported me. Hence, I decided to start my organisation- Kshitij… Where Dreams Meet Reality. 

My vision was clear. Kshitij became the pioneer of Indian Iconic Poet and we successfully conducted auditions across India and the Grand Finale at National Capital in front of hundreds of people. 

3. You were recently awarded with the Dr. Sarojini Naidu International Award. Please share your feelings and also let us know about the other awards you have won in the journey.

Yes… It was enthralling to recieve Dr Sarojini Naidu International Award. It’s always a sense of satisfaction when our work is recognized and appreciated.

With God’s grace, Kshitij’s unique concept has gathered a lot of attention as this field was not properly explored for budding poets. I have received ‘Inspiring Personality Award2019′ ,’Gaurav Samman2018’, ‘Mrs India Delhi NCR, ‘Mrs Most Talented2018’, ‘MS Talks Best Keynote Speaker2019’, as well as ‘Influential Women of Delhi Award 2020’.

4. You have also written a poetry titled Sushmaanjali. Please tell our readers about the book and what it comprises.

‘Sushmaanjali- Ek Kavya Sangrah’ is my book dedicated to my mother Mrs Sushma Sahay. She is no more. Through my book, I tried to pay tribute to her. The book is available on Amazon and was launched by Air Mshl. l K Verma (retd) and Lt. Gen AR Prasad (retd).

It comprises 40 soulful poems about life, love, nature, and  positivity.

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5. When it comes to writing and poetry, who are your favorite authors and poets?

I am a positive writer who derives inspiration from anything which comes my way. I enjoy reading poems of Shri Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar and Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee .

They were such powerful poets who motivated thousands of people with their wonderful poems.

6. What are your other passions in life?

Well I am a keen learner. I love to explore, take challenges and grow further. I am a public speaker who has been invited to many talk shows to share my views. I enjoyed walking on ramp, participating in Mrs India totally changed my persona.

Apart from all this, I enjoy cooking, trying different cuisines, expertising on it gives so much happiness.

7. We have often seen women juggling between a thriving career and a happy family life. How do you manage the work-life balance?

Well I am a proud homemaker who changed her passion to profession.

My kids and husband are my biggest strength. They definitely supported me to realize my dreams. I too make sure that office work does not hinder family peace.

Discipline, hard work and time management help to keep work life balance.

8. Could you please share three pieces of advice for emerging writers?

Emerging writers,

Just one request, never quit writing whatever may come in your life. We, as writers, are blessed souls who have the power to express our own emotions as well as we can become the voice of many people.

Write good, be a positive writer giving solutions. Don’t just write about injustice, work to solve the problem. Be responsible, be the torch bearer of society.

9. How do you define success?

Success, for me, is happiness. I am successful if I can bring change in society for betterment. I am successful if I can keep my family intact. I am successful if people remember me for my deeds.

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10. A quick-fire round:

– What is that dream goal you want to achieve before you die?

I want to see Kshitij as a big brand like Tata and Birla.

– Whose advice do you seek when in a dilemma?

I seek advice from my Husband and Brother.

– If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

I will name it Poetpreneur Ranjeeta.

– Do you show your work in progress to anyone? If yes, to whom?

I discuss my work with Team Kshitij.

11. What’s next in the roadmap for Ranjeeta Ashesh and Kshitij?

Kshitij will soon step into the field of fashion and motivation, apart from poetry. Lots to come. Sky’s the limit.

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