Each one of us has a dream, and we all wish to conquer new horizons, be it any field of activity. One unique brand that is doing valuable work in the hitherto unchartered territory is KSHITIJWhere Dreams Meet Reality. A brainchild of Ms Ranjeeta Ashesh, herself a versatile personality, the Kshitij brand is powered by Telko Infosolutions Pvt Ltd and endeavours to transform stereotype poetry by doing a makeover of budding poets with the vision to take them to the non-poetic audience.

Poetry is a blessing of God and not everyone has the talent to pen down their emotions. Hence, poets should get recognition in early age, like singers and dancers, so that the hobby can be pursued further as a profession.

Kshitij is working to create Starpoets who will rock the stage with their powerful performances. This involves a lot of efforts during execution rather than just planning. With the motive of bringing big and respectable poetry platform for budding poets, the institution started aggressively working to catch up the nerves of the youth – in fact working towards community building as poets need to be taken to the world.

Kshitij: Bringing non-poetic audience back to poetic events

The stereotype poetry events failed to engage the non-poetic audience. As a result, they parted their way from this wonderful creative field. The need therefore in these changing times was to upgrade to bring the non-poetic audience back to poetic events. Kshitij started with brand building and involving experts from different fields so that everyone can be benefitted.

To make Starpoets, workshops for poets were held so those budding poets can enhance their presentation and appearance. Then to have a positive approach towards life, talks were conducted by motivational speakers and finally, fine nuances of poem writing in tune with grammar and poetic norms were imparted.

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Poetry audience

The foundation of Kshitij brand

Along with her associates, all equally passionate about the mission, Ms Ashesh started the poetic organization in June 2018, naming it Kshitij. Weekly shows on Facebook page and group were conducted in order to make a community of poets and audience more interesting.

kshitij core team

Some of the weekly shows included Radio Kshitij, Word Prompt, Motivational Monday, Sahiyatyik Sunday, Thoughtful Tuesday, Shaayarana Shukrawaar and others. While winning hearts online, the organization also started going to colleges to reach every budding poet with its team of experts and promotional events were conducted at different institutes.

team kshitij ranjeeta ashesh

The Indian Iconic Poet

Kshitij believes that to hold the public, the audience should be involved hence for the first time ever in poetry, audience poll came into existence in India. “Jashn-e-Kshitij” online poetry competition which witnessed first-time online audience poll to find a winner was a big success. The “INDIAN ICONIC POET” is also found by audience poll where each person sitting in auditorium participates in voting.

After successfully giving first INDIAN ICONIC POET to India, Kshitij started working aggressively on brand building. It became a promotional partner for many events and its logo was on Mrs India Banner, Harmony 19, Munjal University, Kiet University and other college fests. It also got associated at Weaving Dreams International Conference and Harmony Library.

With the aim of growing each day, Kshitij has collaborated with publishing houses so that young poets can become published authors or can be featured in relevant media and; thereby reach every Indian. It has joined hands with Mrs India Fashionista so that groomed poets can perform in Page3 events and can become STARPOETS.

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A brief about the Kshitij founder- Mrs Ranjeeta Ashesh

Kshitij is the brainchild of Mrs Ranjeeta Ashesh, a multi-dynamic personality. The wife of an army officer, she is the author of the book ‘Sushmaanjali…ek kaavya sangrah’ and has been part of many anthologies. She is a blogger and frequent motivational speaker on many forums. From the literary field to glamour field, Mrs Ashesh is also the 2018 winner of ‘Mrs Most Talented’ title in Delhi NCR region. She is the recipient of several awards and through her, NGO supports poor children’s education.

Founder of Kshitij Ranjeeta Ashesh

Future plans of Kshitij: Where Dreams Meet Reality

On future plans, the institution aims to transform passion into a profession. The INDIAN ICONIC POET –Season-2 saw synchronized auditions at eight cities – Noida, Chandigarh, Agra,

Bhopal, Gwalior, Lucknow, Jaipur where almost 250 budding poets participated for one national title. The grand finale was held recently in the capital. More cities are planned to be covered in Season-3. The long-term vision is to make Kshitij, India’s prime poetry organization so that the associated poets become paid performers.

Kshitij Indian Iconic Poet Season 2

There are many success stories associated with Kshitij. After getting associated, the organization has helped poets not just to become published authors but performers too. To mention a few, one of the poets Shashank Goel turned young entrepreneur, he started his publishing house with organisation’s support. Another, Anurag Pratap Singh Parihar performed in Page3 event dominated by fashion industry while Vaibhav Singhal performed in Ghazal Kumbh with senior shayaars. Kshitij is trying to create opportunities for poets to get ample exposure and guidance which will help them to grow further.

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