Beginning of an Unconditional Bond

beginning of unconditional love poem by aprit nayak

I wonder in my thoughts why are you so beautiful with heart and soul?

Why every time I talk to you and my breath goes away and the excitement comes in?

Many times, I wonder how come a guy like me got so lucky to meet an astonishing person like you?

I am just so amazed and surprised how you are so perfect in every single way, from taking care of this bond with all things that go around you?

I think your smile and the sound of it should be considered contrary because it’s sweet and adorable.

I now feel that I never want to spend my time and moments without you, even in sleep I want your presence in dreams.

Talking to you gives me calmness, the pleasure of purity and warmth which was missing in my life.

Being around you and your thoughts is the most cheerful part of my day and night.

I like to say this to you my love that you are the most special and important person of my life.

It feels amazing that I can count on you, I can share with you everything and we have this unconditional bond,

I like to say when I am with you, I feel the happiest. Just feeling like thanking you for all the time you give me.

 Written by Arpit Nayak

Arpit is a thoughtful mind, currently working in corporate. He writes for heartfelt, and believes in wisdom over lights.

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