Messiah Book by Ayesha F Muskan: REVIEW

Messiah Book by Ayesha F Muskan

Book Title: Messiah: Does right win or the wrong

Author: Ayesha F Muskan

No. of pages: 171

Publisher: Online Gatha

Rating: 4/5

Messiah Book Review

Messiah book by Ayesha Fathima (Ayesha F Muskan) is a good one-time read for fiction readers. It is her second book, following Divine Souls which released in 2019. 

The story of Messiah revolves around a small village in Karnataka that still follows very old concepts and systems where the father is the head of the family and a Mukhya is the leader of the village.

Seema and Aditya are the primary characters of the Messiah novel. Seema is a young girl who aims to change the old systems in the village, empower women, and stand up against the stereotypes. Aditya is a successful doctor living in a city. 

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When Seema’s father is diagnosed with epilepsy, a deadly disease related to the nervous system, she gets tensed and somehow finds reference to Aditya by a friend. She emails him asking for help, which he does by organizing a free medical camp in the village. 

Aditya falls in love with Seema and convinces her parents to take her along to the city for a better education. Once she leaves the village, people start judging her character. Her father requests Aditya to marry her despite the age difference so that people won’t have the words to say. 

Mukhya of the village doesn’t like this marriage because he wanted a successful person like him to marry his own daughter. Things become worse when he starts using his power for personal agendas. He destroys the school and orders the villagers to stay away from Seema and her family. 

Seema wants to enable education for all, especially the girls who are not allowed to study after basic schooling. She works smartly and bravely to fight against evil, risking the lives of the entire family.

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A story of revolution, love, and much more

The story of Messiah by Ayesha Muskan is quick and short. The story shows that in order to get rid of the problems and issues, somebody has to stand up and raise the voice. 

The book is also about the honest love between Aditya and Seema. Aditya helps in her studies and to achieve her dreams. When he meets an accident, she sacrifices her important activities for his care.

On the other hand, I found the story a bit fast running throughout the pages. There is the use of Kannad words in the book but the meaning is available in English only in some instances. 

The book is short and wouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours to read. Chapters in the novel have been segmented well for improved readability. The book cover matches the story and meets expectations. 

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Overall, a good read for those interested in stories related to patriarchy, prejudices, old concepts, and women empowerment. 

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