Book title- No More No Less

Author- Alisha Nandeshwar

Publisher- Notion Press

Rating- 3.2/5

No More No Less book by Alisha Nandeshwar— Review

No more No less book begins with the introduction of three close friends—Pari, Avinash, and Riya who are about to graduate from their MBA college. Avinash doesn’t participate in any campus drive interviews as he wants to join his father’s well-settled business. He also stops Riya and Pari from featuring in interviews, reasoning that he has planned something for them as well.

At the graduation party, Avinash introduces his friend Sameer (the handsome and settled businessman just returned to India from London) to Riya and Pari. Pari who has never dated any guy before, falls for Sameer. They start dating and loving each other.

Avinash tells Pari and Riya that his plan for them was to make them join his father’s company. While Riya is thrilled with the idea, Pari doesn’t want a job just like that. She wants it with her own capabilities. Eventually, Sameer convinces her as well for it.

I found the story a little slow as the author tried to explain every little thing. Some of the words have been used too many times, almost on every page.

Going ahead, Pari finds that her brother Dev and Riya are also in love with each other. Avinash is unaware of the relationship between Riya and Dev, as both his friends keep this a secret from him.

When Dev announces his engagement with Riya at a birthday party, everyone gets delighted about it, but not Avinash. He is heart-broken. He loved Riya.

Avi wanted to settle well and have everything of his own, before proposing to Riya so that she can’t refuse. But he is late. She loves someone else and will soon get married.

More than half of the story runs smoothly, having everything in place. But the climax tears the things apart. I loved the second half of the story more as it made more sense.

Overall, No More No Less novel by Alisha Nandeshwar is a good book to read. It is her debut book, but the writing skills of the author won’t make you feel so.

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Best quotes from No More No Less book by Alisha Nandeshwar

Alisha Nandeshwar quotes (No less no more)

1. “There is this thing about women these days. They want to have everything but everything on their own.”

2. “This is what happens in those early days which are pure bliss. You can’t help but smile all the time, butterflies keep fluttering inside you and there is this one person you just can’t stop thinking about all day.”

3. “A man can be too smug and so full of himself. But when it comes to that one special lady, he will always bow.”

quotes by Alisha Nandeshwar (No less no more)

4. “Love is like an accident. It hits you when you are least expecting it.”

5. “He talks like a big guy given his age.”

“Years of living without a roof over the head and barely getting anything to eat would do that to a kid.”

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6. “Every girl has the right to dream of her Prince Charming and every girl deserves a fairy tale.”

quotes by Alisha Nandeshwar (No less no more)

7. “Let it happen. Because you can’t really help it or stop it or control it. You might be stubborn but so is LOVE.”

8. “A princess needs her tiara and an angel needs her wings. Treat your woman like both so she can rejoice and sing.”

9. “Like my heart will explode when I see you every time. Like everything is perfect when you’re by my side. Like you’re the missing piece of my puzzle of a life. 

Like you’re the warmth I seek on a cold night. Like you’re the one I want to keep in my pocket and carry you everywhere with me. Like you’re the one I’ve been waiting for in my life even if I didn’t know it. 

Like sun won’t shine in my life if you’re not a part of it. Like the world is nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. When you’re not in it.”

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