Book Title: The Honest Mistake

Author: Rajshree Jaiswal

Publisher: Damick Publications

Rating: 3/5

The Honest Mistake by Rajshree Jaiswal— Book Review

The Honest Mistake is a story of two young girls hailing from Guwahati—Ahana, and Riya. Ahana is 28 and is in a relationship with Dhruv for the last 15 years. She is on the verge of getting married to him, while Riya is a college-going girl.

Both the girls are strangers to each other but have a few things common between them. They love someone deeply. They have dreams in their life that they seek to fulfil. They belong to good families and are putting their best efforts in studies and job.

However, they are yet to know that their happiness is just an illusion.

A few months before her marriage, Ahana decides to learn something new and joins the classes. She meets Riya there and become good friends. They don’t share the dark sides of their stories, the ones which are related to their love life. Both of them are struggling with their own relationships.

Dhruv starts ignoring Ahana and ties knot with another girl chosen by his parents. This proves to be the scariest nightmare for Ahana, showing that her cloud nine was nothing but a puff of smoke that blows away with the wind.

Will Ahana be able to get back Dhruv? Love—it makes you or breaks you?

Love, Hope, Trust…

As you go ahead in the story, you will find that the lives of Ahana and Riya are connected at some point. Whatever one does has a huge impact on the other.

The Honest Mistake by Rajshree Jaiswal is a quick book that wouldn’t take much time to read. The language used in the book is simple yet effective (not considering some minor grammatical errors). The story not only revolves around love, but also some other important things that need to be changed in society.

For instance, the author has tried to reveal how some parents in our society treat their son/daughter as a kid even when they are grown up. How they want their son to follow the decisions made by them, and the way they do the emotional blackmails.

Talking about the book cover, it justifies the title and story of the book. Author Rajshree Jaiswal has narrated the story from the point of views of Riya and Ahana, and has kept the chapters short to improve readability.

Overall, it was a nice read. You’ll enjoy it more if you have ever felt betrayed by someone or got your trust broken.

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