Book Title: Tumhari Priyam ( तुम्हारी प्रियम )

Author: Priyamvada Dixit ( प्रियंवदा दीक्षित )

Publisher: Hind Yugm

Rating: 3.5/5

Tumhari Priyam by Priyamvada Dixit—Book Review

Tumhari Priyam is only the second book that I have read in Hindi. The first one was Yaad Sheher by Nilesh Mishra. Like Yaad Sheher, this book is also a collection of short stories.

These stories show that we all have a Priyam (Beloved) in our lives. Talking to that Priyam or even being with them is enough to make us feel how much they love us. And that Priyam can be anybody- our parents, a friend, or any relationships which can’t be defined in words.

There is a total of five short stories in the book—

  1. Main, Mera Bachpan aur Maa (मैं, मेरा बचपन और माँ )
  2. Amogh Prem (अमोघ प्रेम)
  3. Aatma ka Boj (आत्मा का बोझ)
  4. Safed Shirt (सफ़ेद शर्ट)
  5. Syah (स्याह)

These aren’t typical love stories but very unique tales which reveal that there are some people in our lives who love and support us without thinking a single thing about the future. Syah is one such story that will melt your heart.

The first story is about the love of a son for his mother. I’m yet to read an innocent tale better than this. You get to see the love of a mother, and most importantly how things change when she has to leave you in your childhood.

Aatma ka Boj is my favourite story from the book which is about a married couple who got separated many years back but never really divorced. The wife faces a tough phase when she is found positive with cancer, and the man starts regretting not spending enough time with her. A lovely and must-read kind of story this is.

Safed Shirt is a classical love story based in college life that I enjoyed reading. Although the climax was filled with suspense and happiness, I could predict it before the author Priyamvada Dixit revealed it.

The writing style of Priyamvada is beautiful, reminding me every now and then of Nilesh Mishra’s storytelling. If you ever loved listening stories on Yadon ka Idiot Box, you’ll surely like this book.

If you look at the cover, you will find that the heart on it includes all the forms of love we can ever have in life. It’s been designed artistically.

The length of the book is short. It can be read completely in 2-3 hours and it will be worth it.

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