Book title: India Positive

Author: Chetan Bhagat

Publisher: Westland

Rating: 4.6/5

India Positive by Chetan Bhagat—Book Review

India Positive is the third non-fiction book of Chetan Bhagat. His other non-fiction books include What Young India Wants and Making India Awesome. You can find a list of all Chetan Bhagat books here.

Coming to Chetan Bhagat’s latest book India Positive, it is a collection of essays and columns which focuses on the burning issues of India. Chetan Bhagat has kept in mind the youth of India while writing this book. He believes that the youth should stop being furious against specific politicians on social media, and rather work on building their career.

No matter which political party comes into power, the youth will have to work on themselves, sharpen their skills, and learn new things to get rid of unemployment or get better career options.

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It would be better to use social media to improve the networking for the betterment of career rather than posting negative things on a platform that is already full of negative things. The youth should understand that a particular government can not solve the problems of anybody’s life.

India Positive Citizens

I’m not much into political things but I’m aware of some of the things going nowadays in the country. India Positive book by Chetan Bhagat helped me learn some of the things I wasn’t aware of. It is not a politically biased book, but shows the things with statistics and facts to help the young people take the right steps and make the right choices.

I really enjoyed reading it and recommend it to everyone who wants insights on current India and looks to bring changes in his life as an Indian. The book shows how social media is full of fake news about everything, the things that have gone right or wrong in the last few years regarding the society and economy in India.

In the India Positive book, the author Chetan Bhagat has taken the crucial things in a very simple manner to show what is actually going on in the minds of youth today, the things we see, and the things that should actually be on the focus. He has examined a lot of things including education, employment, GST, infrastructure, corruption, casteism, and more.

“If our country is to shine, we need to stand up and be ‘India Positive Citizens’.”

— Chetan Bhagat

I think it is an eye-opening book for the youngsters. Even if you are someone who has negative thoughts about Chetan Bhagat and keeps on bashing him, you should still read it. Because it is not a fictional story of India.

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