Book Title: Perspective to Pen- An Anthology

No. of pages: 255

Rating: 4.2/5

Perspective to Pen Anthology: Review

Perspective to Pen is a poetry anthology, with 100+ beautiful poems contributed by twelve talented poets of various ages, genders, races, orientations, and nationalities. 

The book begins with a brief introduction followed by twelve poems, each written by individual poets for Amnesty International and their mission. The Amnesty International is a global organization of over ten million people across 150+ countries and territories. The organization campaigns to protect the human rights of people and speak up against injustice. 

The book has been written with a noble cause. All the proceeds from the book sales will support Amnesty International’s battle for human rights. This is really a great initiative. I look forward to seeing more authors and publishers contributing to such noble deeds. 

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Contributing Poets

Here is the list of all the poets contributing to the Perspective to Pen poetry anthology:

  • Lisa Bain
  • Robert A. Cozzi
  • Brian Fuchs
  • Shanika Benoit
  • Max Asbeek Brusse
  • Emily Salt
  • Nathaniel Chin
  • Anthony Rivera
  • Cody James
  • Davian Williams
  • Carl Straut-Collard
  • Ben C. Ward

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What do I think about the book?

Every poet has written more than five poems in the book. When I started reading it, I had picked up a marker to checkmark my favourite poems in the index. While I liked most of the poems, there were some that touched my heart and moved me a bit. 

I love reading words that can move me or make me think of certain things. I’m not much into reading poetries, but Robert A. Cozzi and few other poets have driven my reading passion more towards poems. The poems in Perspective to Pen book express many sides of human experiences, including ecstasy of first love, lonely times, grief, nature’s beauty, childhood nostalgia, and much more.

You get to taste a variety of poems in a single book. There are plenty of poems that meet my taste of reading about love, life, and loneliness. For instance, Robert A. Cozzi (creator of the Perspective to Pen) has written about romance, memories, loneliness, as well as hope. Lisa Bain, the author of The Heart of a Kingdom, has expressed grief and eroticism through her work.

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Brian Fuchs’s poems are about pain, small things in life that drive happiness, and separation. Poetess Shanika Benoit has written about change, heartache, lost love, and passion. Max Asbeek Brusse has integrated in-depth thoughts, emotions, and imaginations into his words.

Whereas, Emily Salt is known for her salty tone in write-ups about mental health, relationships, social phenomena and stigma. You can sense these things in her poems in Perspective to Pen book. Nathaniel Chin has shared his thoughts on racism, rationalism, and life. 

Anthony James Rivera, a young Latin poet, has written even his bio in the form of a poem. His poems are primarily about important things in life, including friendship, discipline, etc. In one of the poem, he has compared women to water and men to the land. He has beautifully explained how men and women complement each other the way water and land do on the earth. 

Cody James, Davian Williams, Carl Straut-Collard, and Ben C. Ward are amazing poets having expressed their emotions and feelings in the form of verses and poems related to family, loneliness, failure, true love, positivity, and much more. 

The 255-pages book didn’t take me more than three hours to read. Cody James, Emily Salt, and Shanika’s poems impressed me the most. I recommend this anthology to everyone who loves reading poems and things about love, life, separation, and things in between.


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