Book Title: tide pool of words

Author: Robert A. Cozzi

Publisher: Beach Umbrella Publishing

No. of pages: 69

Rating: 4/5

tide pool of words by Robert A. Cozzi: Book Review

tide pool of words is the debut book of author Robert A. Cozzi. It’s a collection of prose and poetry from a beach chair storyteller. There are nearly fifty poems in the book, inspired by the pictures and music sent to the author by his friend Bobby Crocker.

The book made me feel as if I am sitting at a porch near the beach, reading versatile poems about love and life. The tide pool of words adds an atmosphere around the reader consisting of a blue ocean, smell of salty air, wind, the rush of waves, raindrops, breeze, dark clouds, sky, and the thundering silence.

Suggested reading: “Poetry provides emotional release and lets people know they’re not alone in their thoughts”— Robert A Cozzi

It was really a great experience reading this soulful poetry, soothing the anxiety and making the reader feel peaceful. The well-written and thoughtful words beautifully sums up the intense and complex emotions. I am amazed by the extent of imagination of the poet Robert Cozzi. Looking forward to reading the other books written by him. There are four more.

If you are someone who loves reading about love, romance, heartbreak, and joy, you will love this poetry. It will take hardly a couple of hours to finish reading the book and it will be really worth the time. I have highlighted some of my favorite poems in the book for re-reading.

Best Poems by Robert A. Cozzi

Sharing below some of my favorite poems from the book:

There is wisdom in accepting sudden changes

And beauty in adapting to their pace

There is strength in letting go of angry questions

So hope may grace another sunny day


I just love how the moon

Trades places with the sun

Finding its home perfectly

Between sunrise and sunset,

A sunrise arrives 

Behind every sunset

Be sure to save one 

To share with a pair of eyes

That loves only you…


I know one day you will press your

Palms against my cheeks

And gently kiss my forehead and 

Tell me it was worth the wait

I know one day I will fall asleep

In your arms

And forget that I ever knew

Life without you

Or that I ever restlessly wondered if someone

Like you really existed

I know

That never again

Will I ever 

Feel alone


Beyond belief

I crave the sound of your voice

To give me reprieve

From this quiet inferno

Colorful words like

Love, hope, faith and desire

Flow easily from my pen…

Bringing back your audible presence

and eclipsing the unnerving silence

Your silence penetrates my core

But even if I scream

At the top of my lungs

Your silence will just drown me out

Wrapping up:

Hope you found this review insightful and helpful. If you loved these poems by Robert Cozzi, you will surely love the other poems as well.

If you have already read this book or any other work by the poet, let me know your thoughts as well.

Where can you buy this poetry?


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