Book Review: ‘Drug Addiction’ by Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh

drug addiction book by rajinder singh review

Book Title: Drug Addiction

Author: Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh

Number of Pages: 307

Publisher: AKAL UNIVERSITY Talwandi Sabo

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Drug Addiction Book by Rajinder Singh (Review)

This is one of the finest and most insightful books written on drug addiction in India. It is not a story but a collection of various articles contributed by multiple authors who have shared their experience working at Drug De-Addiction Centres. 

Drug Addiction book by Rajinder Singh aims to emphasize the current state of drug abuse and addiction in India, especially in the state of Punjab. Following that, it includes several detailed methodologies to treat drug addicts. The author has been working in de-addiction centres for almost two decades now and shared practical approaches to treat the patients who have got used to drugs, alcohol, opioids, cannabis, cocaine, and many more. 

drug addiction book by rajinder singh

Especially meant for physicians, social workers, counsellors, psychologists, paramedical staff, and those working in the field of de-addiction, this book on drug addiction highlights both spiritual components and conventional approaches to treating addicted patients. Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh has also emphasized the role of the family in the treatment, along with the environment to consider for it. 

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While the phenomenon of drug addiction is global, various studies show that it is a major problem in Punjab and other Northern states of India. Youth is getting addicted to various types of drugs which is not only ruining their health, but also impacting the family of addicts and well-being of the society. 

There are several insightful and well-curated points people don’t know about drug addiction. For instance, tobacco is the gateway drug that is consumed by even toddlers and teenagers in the country. As Dr Rajinder Singh puts it, “No other affliction in the world is as fatal as tobacco”. This book about drug addiction in India also breaks some myths related to alcoholism and drug consumption. 

Aim of Rajinder Singh‘s Book on Drug Addiction

The sole aim is to reduce the number of drug addicts in the country. This needs multiple approaches, such as decreasing the availability of drugs and addictive substances, raising awareness about its consequences and negative impacts, and educate the youth about it. 

Right from childhood, children must be taught about some core moral values. In addition, those who were once drug addicts and have recovered from it should come ahead and influence others to either not consume or get themselves treated. 

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