Book Title — What I Lived For

Author Diya Vyas

Pages — 185

Publisher — Author’s Ink Publications

Rating— 3.5/5


Neil, a boy brought up in a village in Uttar Pradesh is growing up fast. His obsession with badminton lands him up in the big city of Lucknow. He dreams of winning the world one day, but is he dreaming too much? Ahilya, a player herself knows that money is important to survive. 

But, sports don’t fetch much money. Is she too practical? Two polar opposites, how do they fall in love? Dhaani, who is she of the two? Dreamy or practical? 14 years younger, how will she change Neil’s life? Can Neil win over his lost friends, love and career or will he lose all the three bets? Let Neil truly whisper in your ear, what he lived for!

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What I Lived For (Book Review)

‘What I Lived For’ is a story of two friends Dhiman and Sumit, entangled into another story of an athlete working hard to build a life for himself. I really like the conversations between the two guys foreshadows the story of Neil with a hint of mystery and dark humour. 

The story is a bit slow in the first few pages, but speeds up in the latter part of the book and doesn’t fail to hook the readers until the very end. The lucid language with a straight plot makes for a great reading experience. 

However, at some points, the language feels a bit stuffed impractically, which hinders the tone of narration and makes it kind of textbook-ish.

The plot is a bit predictable in the earlier chapters, but it gets better towards the end. There are twists that you won’t see coming. The author has also tried to imbibe some philosophy into the context. I personally loved how the book ended with a bit of a mysterious note.

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I like how the plot has multiple flavours to offer the readers. There is fiction, there is drama, there is romance and a bit of mystery, as well as humour. It would be illegitimate of me to categorise the book into any one genre.

It is a mixed depiction of the themes of romance, friendship and sports fiction. A good read for teenagers and young minds. 

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