Book title: Done With Her

Author: Chirasree Bose

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

Number of pages: 86

Rating: 3.5/5

Done With Her Book by Chirasree Bose— Review

Done With Her book is a fascinating story of raw love, insane lust, irresistible obsession, and… murder.

It is the debut book of Chirasree Bose but her writing skills won’t make you feel so. Right from the second chapter of the book, the author puts you in suspense and creates curiosity to read and know what happens next. That’s the reason I finished reading the book in one go.

Spreeah Pandey is the lead character of the story who works in an MNC based in Pune. Avesh and Vrijen are close friends who work in the same company. Like everyone, Avesh is attracted to Spreeah in a way he calls love. However, what haunts him is that Spreeah resembles someone from his past. This is the kind of past he would never want to remember.

She lives next door to Avesh and is in a relationship with Avesh’s another close yet long-separated friend Dheeraj. The past that I talked about above is not only related to Avesh, but also to Vrijen and Dheeraj. That past starts frightening them and things begin taking a toll on all the three guys.

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As you move ahead with the story, you will find revenge, murders, philosophy, and more, that keep you remain attached to the book.

What I liked the most about Done With Her is the things written by Chirasree Bose about love. She has explained the emotions really well. “Love is deathless. It can not be confined to the walls of your perception of it…nor can it be smothered in the name of honour…it lives on through the souls of its devotees.”

The story also aims to help readers find love within themselves, and teach the people who have lost their loved ones how to love again.

If you are someone who likes to read romantic thrillers, then this book is a worthy read for you.

Top quotes from Done With Her:

Sharing below some of my favourite quotes by Chirasree Bose below:

quotes by Chirasree Bose

1. “Darkness…you need to look into darkness. Light often blinds your vision. You don’t see what you want to. You see what it wants to show you.”

2. “Love doesn’t lead to obsession. Lust does. It gets you to focus only on the outer shell of a person- not their mind, heart and soul. And hence, with an aging, dying or depreciating body, lust tends to wane as well. But love doesn’t. It’s not confined to your body.”

3. “Black is my favourite colour. There was a time when I admired white. Not anymore. I don’t know why people despise black. Black is blamed for its downright honesty. It’s bold, it’s gutsy, it has nothing to hide. White is appreciated for the blanket it spreads over the wrong, the bad and the undesired.”

Chirasree Bose quotes from Done With Her

4. “When your actions are driven by your weakness you tend to give yourself away.”

5. “Love is deathless. It can not be confined to the walls of your perception of it…nor can it be smothered in the name of honour…it lives on through the souls of its devotees.”

6. “Love doesn’t lead you to obsession. Love soothes your heart, it calms your mind. It gets your soul what it’s been missing. It makes you embrace your real self.”  

Done With Her by Chirasree Bose quotes

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