Book Title – Every Time It Rains

Author – Nikita Singh

Publisher – HarperCollins Publishers


Every Time It Rains Book Review

Every Time It Rains by Nikita Singh is a sequel to her Like A Love Song novel.

While the previous book was narrated from Maahi’s prospect, Every Time It Rains has been narrated from Laila’s. I found the first half of the book a little boring since it was all about how they start their bakery—Cupcakes + Cookies, and the ways they explore to market it.

If you want to start a bakery of your own, then the first half is for you.

The story becomes a little interesting in the second half when Laila and Maahi go ahead to take their bakery to the national level. For that, they needed to prove their idea and worth.

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There comes the entry of JD, a free-spirited creature who helps Maahi and Laila’s bakery to beg the popular franchise so that the bakery could go national.

Laila and JD find themselves irrepressibly drawn to each other. But Laila is scared of the relationship because of the demons of the past. She had a toxic married life and her husband died in an accident while chasing her.

JD and Laila are opposite poles of a magnet, but he makes her feel things she never knew she was missing.

I like the second half of the Every Time It Rains book more. Overall a nice read. I would’ve loved the book more if the bakery business was talked a little less.

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meenuannadurai · May 13, 2019 at 12:52 pm

JD giving his orange to Laila is my favourite 😍😍

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