Book Title: Forever Mine: Love Through Disasters

Author: Swapan Karmakar

Publisher: Notion Press

Number of Pages: 342

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Forever Mine: Love Through Disasters Book by Swapan Karmakar

“Love is a connection which we can’t explain.”

In life whatever we plan, destiny always follows its path. “Forever Mine” is a delicately woven love story where the protagonists undergo the test of love in various forms like separation and betrayal of the loved one.

Neel and Siya, two souls madly in love, live together and breathe together. They both nurture their dream of living a happy life together until one day Neel decides to go abroad and follow his aspiration of setting new milestones in his life. Siya is left alone as Neel moves ahead with his dream but she has full faith in her true love and decides to wait for Neel.

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Another story is of Kiara and Aryan, their lives intertwined in ways only God could have planned. Aryan always loved Kiara but Kiara has her own way of living life, independent and fearless. 

The cruel game of destiny begins and Aryan and Kiara, both are shattered by the havoc caused by destiny. As time passes and all four, Neel, Siya, Aryan and Kiara once again cross each other’s path and try to save their lives once again from the clutches of destiny.

It’s a love story where souls meet and part and again cross each other’s paths. Their lives are interconnected in one or another way. The author has kept the plot very interesting and gripping. 

The story keeps on shuffling between past and present and the narration is also from the point of view of different characters. The language is simple yet enriching. There are two things which 

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I would like to mention, first, the narration could have been more crisp making the story more gripping. Secondly, the use of point-of-view narration is confusing in some instances.

I enjoyed the basic concept of the plot.

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