Book Title: I’m So Hacked

Author: Gautam Mayekar

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

No. of Pages: 199

Rating: 4.3/5

I’m So Hacked book by Gautam Mayekar: Review

“Trust is the most exploitable and vulnerable trait a person can have.”

My favourite books are the ones that have sentences with deep meaning, lots of quotes, and a unique story.

I’m So Hacked book by Gautam Mayekar is one such book. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations from the book, but I was surprised. It is a techno-psycho thriller which is a rare genre, especially in India.

Interview: “I didn’t want to enter this already stagnated ‘Engineers love story’ Indian market with another love story”— Gautam Mayekar

So, it is the story of a security researcher named Avi who works in an anti-virus company. He is working with no motivation and purpose but finds both when he receives a letter from a mysterious revolutionary named Madri. Avi has had a terrible past, and Madri uses that past to motivate Avi to help him with his hacking skills.

Madri has plans for things that are aimed to take revenge. With the help of Avi, he causes a major internet outage in the city by carrying out a cyberattack. As Avi keeps on helping Madri with the mission, he himself comes in sense with the events of his past life that he had completely forgotten.

After the internet outage, Madri takes help of Avi to carry out a huge cyberattack on DRDO, one of the biggest technological unit in the country. This is the final thing in the mission.

The book talks about a lot of things related to cybersecurity and hacking, which I could understand easily (being a tech writer and having written numerous cybersecurity articles for DHN). These cybersecurity concepts can be easily understood by anyone as the author has described the terms in layman’s words.

Other than the cybersecurity things, the I’m So Hacked book also plots some office politics and the way things go on in typical corporate jobs. If you are someone working in corporates, these will be very relatable.

Author Gautam Mayekar has used some terms in the book in the coding form, in order to give the readers a feel of hacking and cybersecurity world. For instance, the title is !M S0 H@CKⱻD. Avi is @v!, and Madri is M@dR1.

I loved reading the book. I strongly believe that this book deserves a lot of attention and should be on the reading list of readers who want to read some good books by Indian authors.

My favourite lines from the book (I’m So Hacked quotes by Gautam Mayekar)

“Trust is the most exploitable and vulnerable trait a person can have.”


“That’s how you hack people, you exploit their vulnerabilities, their insecurities.”


“The human mind is a weirdly-constructed conundrum. It makes you believe in things that are non-existent; it makes you forget things that actually exist. Sometimes even your own existence.”


“Not so long ago, even I was amongst these celebrity kids, hanging around everyone and everywhere, being a faker, roaming on the streets celebrating the New Year. Firing crackers, shouting at the top of my voice, drinking, vomiting and then drinking again; an act up socializing is what they call it, now I see it as an act of faking.”


“You can hack people for fun, you can heck their data, their routine, even their vehicle. But you cannot exploit the thoughts and ideas buried deep inside their darkest secrets or their deepest vulnerabilities. You cannot recreate their physical appearance.”


“For everyone else, the war was about guns, missiles and weapons. For me, it was about the chaos taking place inside my own head.”


“When you fall for a person, you fall for the idea of that person. You are attracted to their nature, whether it is strong or it is soft. When it’s real, looks are the least of your concerns. Everything boils down to the vibes you get from them. You feel content to be with that person, whether it’s in the scorching summer heat or during the romantic rainy weather.”


“Human beings are like cigarettes. We start burning from the day we are born, slowly and sometimes sporadically. We burn and burn all our lives and even though we think of ourselves as fabulous Roman candles, all we are is a filthy cigarette that consumes itself with time. In the end, we merely vanish in thin air just like the toxic smoke.”


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