Book Title: Indians Must Know – Let’s Be Proud

Author: Shrinivas Hinge

Publisher: Notion Press

No. of pages: 128

Rating: 4.6/5

Indians Must Know by Shrinivas Hinge— Book Review

I haven’t read a better book than this in the last few months. The reason I’m saying this is because I get to read a lot of fictional stories that I enjoy reading, but Indians Must Know book by Shrinivas Hinge is an eye-opener.

When I ordered the book from Amazon, I thought it will have some typical short stories about India. But when I finished reading the first story, I realized how much I have missed knowing about our country. There are a lot of real stories of Indians that we have no idea about.

British historians, as well as Indian historians, have shared with us the stories that don’t bring pride in our hearts for our country. Instead, we are narrated stories that make us feel sorry about India.

In schools, we are taught about Mughal emperors, whose contribution to humanity is of no use. We aren’t taught about the kings of India who turned the country into a gold mine.

Alexander—the not so great

This is the first story in the book. We all know Alexander the Great, but do we know the name of the Indian king who defeated him in the first battle itself?

At least I didn’t know his name. He was King Porus. But we aren’t told stories of our great kings like Porus.

I was so much touched by the words in this book, that how our media shows us only the negative news, and deliberately keeps away the positive things. Western things are called ‘modern’ while our own culture is termed ‘outdated’.

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Untold stories of India

I strongly believe that EVERY INDIAN MUST READ THIS BOOK and know the untold stories of India.

In the Indians Must Know book, there is a total of 14 short stories based on true events of India’s incredible past. The book is short and can be read in even one-sit. Author Shrinivas Hinge has narrated the stories in a very simple yet captative manner. Apart from the first story, the book has stories about Mighty Vijaynagaram, The First Emperor of India, Kannadi Queens, Women against British, and more.

Let’s be proud

I really loved reading all the stories in the book and highly recommend it to everyone. Because if we don’t respect our real heroes, our monuments, and our culture, no one else will respect them either. It’s high time to feel proud of our magnificent culture and glorious past.

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Ayesha · September 12, 2019 at 6:58 pm

This is big issue ……Indians hardly glorify their culture, heritage , monuments and there is so much but take more pride in glorifiying other countries….bitter truth

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