You are shining bright

I can see you

Up there in The Infinite Sky

Down here, too

You were the brightest

My light in the dark

The cracker of my life

You still are

My motivation! My polestar!

Up there in The Infinite Sky

You said, “It is okay to lose, but you must get up to win.”

I have lost

Numerous times!

But I am up now

I had to

For I know you are watching

Silently and secretly from

Up there in The Infinite Sky

You said that you would stay with me always

I know you will!

Listening to all my sorrows

Guiding me towards the righteous

Lighting up my dark days

Caressing my hand with your rays

Gazing me over as I drift to sleep

Smiling on my dreams, from

Up there in The Infinite Sky

Even when I am angry

Trying to shut you out

Closing all the windows

Sulking in the bed

You do not leave me

You keep comforting me

Days after days

When the dark knight creeps up

You come back again

Up there in The Infinite sky

You said, “I love you.”

I said, “I love you, too.”

We still do!

Those loving glances you shower

The smiles I bestow

Staring at each other

We spend every night together

Our love is eternal

The universe is proof

Me, down here among infinite people

You, up there among infinite stars

We are just Perfect Together!!

Poem Written by Sanika Chatterjee

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