How to Increase YourQuote Followers? 9 Proven Ways

increase yourquote followers

Looking for organic ways on how to increase YourQuote followers to reach more readers? 

YourQuote app is one of the most used writing applications among emerging writers and poets today. An easy-to-use platform, the YourQuote app allows writers to share their write-ups in the form of beautiful photos. It offers custom templates for the quotes. 

The user interface of the YourQuote app is quite similar to Instagram. You can add square-shaped photos, use hashtags of your choice, tag other people, and engage with other writers to get YourQuote followers. 

Since the user base on this app has increased significantly over the last two years, the competition has increased. That’s the reason the writers are looking for the tips on how to increase YourQuote followers and reach more readers.

What is YourQuote App?

If you have already been using this app and sharing YourQuote quotes, shayari, poems, etc. in Hindi and English, then you know exactly what this app is all about. It’s one of the finest writing apps in India. 

A great thing about YourQuote is that it pays a royalty for the eligible writeups. This is good for writers who are creative and want to get paid with YourQuote. 

One can also publish their book with YourQuote and earn the royalty. The quotes published on this writing app become searchable on Google with the name of the writer.

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How to get more YourQuote followers organically?

Here are some genuine tips to increase followers on YourQuote. These are proven tricks that are being used by the most popular writers and poets on YourQuote

1. Follow New Writers

Whether you are a new user of this app or someone using it for quite a while, you should not stop following the other writers. The users who have hundreds of followers already might not prefer to follow back the new writers. That’s the reason you should focus on the new ones. 

New writers are also looking for ways to increase YourQuote followers, and most of them will do a follow back. 

However, you have to take care of the algorithm as well. Don’t overdo it. If you keep following a lot of accounts frequently, the app will minimize the reach of your posts and might block you for a few days from following others. 

The good practice is to follow up to 10 accounts per hour, not exceeding 50-60 per day. Also, make sure you don’t follow others just to unfollow them later. This will impact your image and reputation as a writer, which is the worst a good writer will do to himself.

2. Increase Engagement 

Engagement on YourQuote is the key to not only get new followers, but also getting more likes on your write-ups. What you have to do is to read the work of other writers, like their posts, and complement them with a comment. 

Everybody loves appreciation and adores it. Wouldn’t you like other people to praise your words? Of course, you’ll like it. That’s the reason you should genuinely praise and encourage your fellow writers. When they see your likes and comments, they will visit your profile and check out your work, drop likes to good quotes, and follow you.

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3. Share Compelling Content

Content is the king, everywhere. If you have good content, people will follow you with no expectation of a follow back. The purpose of the YourQuote app is to help writers gain the traction they deserve. If your quotes, one-liners, poems, shayaris, etc. are creative and meaningful, you will see a rise in the list of followers. 

Before sharing a write-up, ask yourself if it is really worth sharing? If it’s not, then take time and write more. If you are serious about writing, you would do it.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key, not only on YourQuote but all the social media platforms. Nobody likes lazy writers who take weeks to write even a two-line quote. It can be understood that beautiful thoughts don’t happen in the mind every minute. But, make a habit of sharing something at least thrice a week. This way, you will remain in the sight of other writers.

You may have heard the popular saying, “Out of sight is out of mind.” Hence, you have to remain in sight to remain in the mind. For this, be consistent. 

5. Participate in YQ Baba/Didi Challenges

Bring your beautiful write-ups to a contest by participating in the challenges conducted on the pages of YourQuote Baba and YourQuote Didi. One great quote or poem can bring you to the limelight. These YQ Baba/Didi Challenges are a platform for you to show the level of writing creativity and imagination you have. When participating in such challenges, bring to the table your best work always.

6. Use Right Hashtags

I would say even the popular YourQuote writers don’t make use of the right hashtags. While sharing a post, one mistake everybody makes is that they use all the trending hashtags so that the quote will get trending. This happens only 1 in a hundred times. The probability is very low.

What you have to do is to use the hashtags that are relevant to your write-up. If it’s a romantic quote, then avoid the use of hashtags like #collabwithme #mondaymotivation or #wisdomthoughts. Focus only on what the quote is about. Use the hashtags that have lesser competition. If you use popular hashtags, your write-up will get buried under the other posts, because everybody is using those hashtags. 

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7. Use Compelling Fonts and Background

The choice of fonts and background should be done very thoughtfully. First, if you are using a light background, then the font colour should be darker, and vice versa. Avoid the use of fonts that makes the readers put in some effort to read what exactly you have written. Trust me, you will be ignored.

On a platform where every photo has some words on it, why would people stop and concentrate on content that is not reader-friendly? Keep the font size above 12 and use simple fonts. 

8. Avoid Plagiarism

If you are not sure what plagiarism is, let me define it in a few words. It’s simply copying or stealing the content of others and using it for your own. That’s the last thing a writer should do in the world. There are writers who think that copying others’ content wouldn’t do any harm because their followers don’t know the writer from whom you have copied. But what if you get caught someday or anyhow?

Would you like your screenshots shared on social media? Would you want your YourQuote banned permanently? No. Don’t ever make this mistake. Once your reputation is at stake, you will lose the trust of other writers and readers. 

9. Share YourQuote Quotes on Instagram

Another good way to increase YourQuote followers is to share your write-ups on Instagram and other social media handles. When people come across your YourQuote quotes on Instagram or Facebook, it will help them know that you are also available on the writing platform. If they are also using YQ, they will follow you there as well. 

Additionally, you can upload a story on Facebook and Instagram, asking people to follow you on YQ. 

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Wrapping up:

I hope you found these tips and tricks helpful. These are proven YourQuote hacks for every writer or poet. If you are using YQ, do share your username in the comments below. I’ll go through your content and will include your name among the top 50 writers on YourQuote

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  1. not hungry for followers but hungry for encourage and likes ,followers, comments all are nothing but encourage

    1. Virendra Soni

      Well said. Followers help us encourage, because somehow it shows that people are following us for our work and words. 🙂

        1. Virendra Soni

          Well said, Surbhi. The number of followers should not be the purpose of writing. But more followers help in reaching and finding more readers for our work. 🙂

        2. Very useful post, especially the thing about hashtags.
          My YourQuote username is penpoetrytale. Please give feedback.

  2. Very useful post, especially the thing about hashtags.
    My YourQuote username is penpoetrytale. Please give feedback.

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