Book Title: Maya

Author: Karan Kapoor

Publisher: The Book Line

No. of pages: 53

Rating: 4.0/5

Maya book by Karan Kapoor: Review

This book defines exactly what is the meaning of “quality over quantity”.

Maya by Karan Kapoor is a short book, consisting of only 53 pages. When I picked it up, I wondered why it is written as a novel, and not as a short story among other books of short stories. But when I finished reading it, I found that it deserved to be a novel.

It is the story of Maya and Rudra, who are in love with each other (or at least used to be). They are having a toxic relationship because of certain reasons. But Maya wants to hold on and make things work with Rudra. On the other hand, Rudra wants to give up and finish things between them.

Maya thought that they just needed a change of scene, something exciting, to fix them. She believed that she could bring Rudra back from wherever he was lost. And that’s why she requests him to go together to Manali.

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But Rudra is completely disrespectful towards her and says nasty things, like “I don’t want to waste the least bit of effort on you. You’re not worth it. I’d rather text a shoe,” and “I don’t care if you go home and cry yourself to death. I don’t care if you don’t even reach home. Burn yourself alive for all I care.”

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The story shows what love isn’t. A quick read, the Maya book by Karan Kapoor will make you feel what hate is. The author has used simple yet effective language to reveal the emotions and other things that we can relate to at some point in time. Though I enjoyed reading the book, it made me sad to see Maya got treated like that, when all she wanted was to regain his love. A worth read book!

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