Book title– Seeding Mind

Author– Noyonika Goswami

Publisher– Notion Press

Rating– 3/5

Seeding Mind by Noyonika Goswami — Book Review

Picked up the Seeding Mind this weekend. It is a poetry that contains fifteen poems. Before every poem, there is a brief introduction of it where the poet Noyonkia Goswami has shared when did she write that poem and what was her purpose behind it.

The poet claims that she has been interested in poetry since childhood and started writing poems at the age of six. The fifteen poems in the Seeding Mind by Noyonika Goswami shows the mind tales of the poet from her initial age of writing until she turned sixteen.

The title of the book is clearly justified with the way the poems are written and arranged in the book. There are poems about selfless love, hope, fear, power, and love, which reflect our day-to-day lives and relationship with our surroundings. Some of the poems are written to express the love for father, mother, sister, and grandparents.

I could relate to most of the poems in the book and really enjoyed reading it. These raw and innocent poems didn’t take me more than half an hour to read. And that half an hour was really worth it.

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Best lines from the Seeding Mind

Sharing some of my favorite lines from the book that I loved the most.

1. Fear

“I am scared, scared to grow old

Growing old seems tough

Always waking up to a new challenging day

The challenges leave me in a curvy loop

What purpose, I know nothing about

I want to remain small!”

Fear poem by Noyonika Goswami

2. Rose

“We are nothing but bones and skin layered with blood, flesh and emotions

The chaos within blindfolds us

Every leap we take

Every journey we experience,

Tears or builds us

Life is like a chapter in a novel

Are we life by itself?


We have a life.”

Rose poem by Noyonika Goswami

3. Dragon

“We are like the creature that doesn’t exist

We burn in anger

We hurt others in jealousy but stay calm in love.

Why don’t we show love?

We are fake

We actually do not exist— Dragons – is it?”

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