Book Review: ‘SimplyMutual: The 1% Formula’ by Deepak Mullick

simplymutual book review deepak mullick

Book Title: Simply Mutual: The 1% Formula for Financial Freedom

Author: Deepak Mullick

Publisher: Notion Press

Number of Pages: 180

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

SimplyMutual Book by Deepak Mullick: Review

If you are someone with no knowledge about finance then SimplyMutual is the perfect book for you to make you aware of all key points about savings and investments. 

We all know that in the current scenario, the stock market and investments are the talks of the town. Everyone today wants financial stability along with financial growth. But with so many people advising, it is quite difficult to understand what should and shouldn’t be done. 

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SimplyMutual book by Deepak Mullick is the perfect solution to this problem as it will give you the best investment strategies with minimal risk.

When I began reading the book I had almost no knowledge about the concept of the stock market let alone investing in it, which was why I was quite adamant while choosing this book. But just a few pages into it, I was hooked by its simple yet quite convincing real-life examples

Author Deepak Mullick begins by giving you information about how the most successful people are either business owners or people who own shares of successful businesses. It makes us realize that investing can help our own parts of businesses without actually going through the responsibilities of creating and managing a business. 

After this, the author slowly relates one thing to another telling us about the Sensex curve, India’s growing economic status, and how investing in mutual funds should begin by the age of 30 for the maximum financial gain.  

Along with all the money managing schemes and the numerous ways to grow financially, the ‘SimplyMutual: The 1% Formula’ book also prepares us mentally sharing with us the “Four Principles That Govern Share Market”. 

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The book engraves these principles in our minds by repeating them continuously and explaining them through real-life situations. Also, the key takeaways and reflections at the end of each chapter ensure that you remember all the important points without missing out on anything. 

Each chapter ends with a few questions that help you gain clarity on your long terms goals and thinking. Throughout the book, the author has maintained a perfect balance between facts, ideas, and statistics which keeps you totally engrossed. 

Overall the book SimplyMutual by Deepak Mullick stays true to its tagline (The 1% Formula to Gain Financial Freedom) by giving you the full proof formula to gain financial freedom early in your life. 

By the time you finish this book, you will gain the perfect money mindset along with the perfect plan to achieve all your long-term financial goals through the highs and lows of life.

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