Book: If I Stay

Author: Gayle Forman

No. of pages: 217

Publisher: Random House

Rating: 4/5

If I Stay book by Gayle Forman: Review

If I Stay book is the story of a teenage girl named Mia Hall. She is a passionate piano and cello player who wants to go to Julliard to pursue her dreams. But she has to make a choice, whether to pursue her dream or to live with her parents and boyfriend in the town.

Days pass by before she makes the decision and things take a turn in a devastating manner. Mia and her family meet a car accident, where she loses the entire family—parents and brother. She goes into coma.

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While in a coma, the entire scenes of after the accident play in her mind. Before the accident, she was busy thinking about making a decision to leave her family and boyfriend to pursue her dreams. But now, she has lost the family and has to make another decision—whether to get up and go with her boyfriend named Adam or to die away and join her parents in the afterlife.

“I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.”

If I Stay book by Gayle Forman is simply one of the best books I have ever read. I loved the way the author has used the words and explained things in a creative manner. The thought process of Mia during the coma made me think of a lot of things about life.

I wouldn’t mind comparing If I stay book with Fault in our Stars by John Green. It’s an excellent book to read for everyone, especially if you are someone who likes reading sad books.

The book has also been adapted into the movie. But I don’t prefer movies over books. Even if you have watched If I Stay movie, I would still suggest you read the book. I believe that books have the power to bring you closer to the main characters, which most movies can’t do.

There is a sequel to If I Stay book, which is titled Where She Went. I haven’t read the second book but have heard that the entire If I Stay book series is worth the time. Would soon read the sequel and share my thoughts here.

Best quotes from If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Sharing below some of the best If I Stay quotes by Gayle Forman that touched my heart and made me think twice:

1. “Girlfriend is such a stupid word. I couldn’t stand calling her that. So, we had to get married, so I could call her ‘wife.”

If I Stay quotes by Gayle Forman

2. “Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”


3. “Love, it never dies. It never goes away, it never fades, so long as you hang on to it. Love can make you immortal”


4. “I needed to hate someone and you’re the one I love the most, so it fell on you.”


5. “Don’t be scared…Women can handle the worst kind of pain. You’ll find out one day.”


6. “I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.”

If I Stay quotes

7. “You were so busy trying to be my savior that you left me all alone.”


8. “Fake it ’till you make it.”


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